You Should Be Afraid of the “Dark Triad”

Philis Wood, Contributing Reporter

November 4, 2019

As we approach Halloween, some of us may find ourselves viewing horror films on Netflix. Nowadays, many popular Halloween movies feature a psychopathic serial killer Friday the Thirteenth, Silence of the Lambs, or American Psycho....

How Ari Aster Is Changing the Horror Game

Jodie Huffman, Contributing Reporter

November 1, 2019

To many horror fans, nothing is better than the classics; Halloween, Scream, Friday the 13th. These have been put into their own category, camp, full of the same tropes, serial killers, delinquent teens, blood, gore, jump scares,...

Pete’s Streamable Horror Movies

Pete Tubbs

October 31, 2019

    Halloween has finally rolled back around, and for those of us whom are obsessed with spooky season, nothing could make us happier. One of the best perks of the month of October is forcing your friends to watch horrors w...

Spooky Facts for 2019

Kalijah Smith, Contributing Reporter

October 31, 2019

Why do we wear costumes? Why do we trick-or-treat? Wait, where do pumpkins fit in? Here’s a list of uncanny Halloween fun facts that should put an end to all of your creepy curiosities. Dressing up in costumes are what most...

Banned Book Week

D'erra Talley, Contributing Reporter

October 7, 2019

Banned Book Week is an event that takes place in many schools all over America. It recently took place on our campus. This week shines a light on censorship and books that have or been attempted to be banned.  Many books a...

All Region Choir Workshop

All Region Choir Workshop

September 30, 2019

New Faces of the HSU Theatre

Sophie Burke, Contributing Reporter

September 13, 2019

With their first collegiate production just around the corner, the freshman theatre majors here at HSU have some adjusting to do. Some come from high schools with flourishing theatre programs, while others come from programs that ...

Battle of the Sandwiches

Battle of the Sandwiches

September 12, 2019