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The “CONSCIENCE” of HSU Series

Tyease Brooks

October 13, 2008

What are "Disposables?" These are people that just say "hi" and "bye" to you. They are the ones that use you when you got it, and don't want you later when they get something new and forget about you. "Disposables" are these peeps that think she or he is the god or goddess of all and needs someone to just side kick her up against her face. Better yet- These are people that GOD needs to just stomp on and cause to be in some kind of accident that makes them less than what they are. Once that happens, people would find out the real ones from the fakes. Most of these people would not even be here if it weren't for a lot of background work that I or my close friends do for peeps to get the scholarships, grants, the friends they have, and more. No. Before someone else reads this and gets mad, I am not talking about someone that drove over 3,000 just to be here even though she has forgotten me too. I hate people like this who think they are better than the next person. The truth is they are nothing and I am nothing too. It's what we put into life that makes us something. I mean do people notice that I shake hands and talk to the hierarchy of this college and leave the others alone? I speak to the cops, the President, the Congress people, the educators, and heck- even the janitors. Without the janitors, this school is nothing. Henderson would just get shut down and thrown to the side.

Looking like a liberal

Elisha Allen

September 29, 2008

Not too long ago I read something that absolutely horrified me. I was reading my copy of the August issue of "Brio and Beyond," my favorite Christian magazine. In the letters section a girl had written a response to an earlier issu...

Soulfully Speaking: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Alexandria Moore

September 4, 2007

Women today have the ability and the power to succeed in anything that they put their minds to. They also have the ability to influence others' perception of who they are, but the only way to do that is to have respect for themselves. We have fought for so long to receive respect in a so-called "man's world," and when we finally receive that respect we somehow find ways to backtrack and lose everything that we have gained. Women are viewed as "sex-pots"-which is natural due to our anatomy-but that does not mean we have to act upon that observation. Entering a "back dat ass up" contest or giving lap dances to random guys at parties and allowing them to freely let their hands roam over your body is not the way to receive respect or positive attention. Of course, you are going to receive attention for performing everything but actual sexual intercourse, but is that the attention that you really want to receive? Once you act upon the ignorance of horny males yelling absurd comments, you have basically lost all the respect that you once held; and it is in no way the fault of the males, because they are simply acting out their natural behaviors. Rather, it is your own fault for allowing yourself to lose all of your dignity and pride as a woman. Let's face it: we're all grown and understand what sex is, but that does not mean that we have to show public displays of it through dancing or gyrating on someone's private areas. If you feel that you want to give a lap dance or perform any lewd sexual act, then that should be done in the privacy of your own home. Do not go to public areas or functions and decide that you want to let every Tom, Dick and Harry know what you have going on beneath your clothes. You have to remember that you are in a public area where everyone is watching you and the first impression that you give is a lasting one. So if you are dancing in provocative ways that suggest you do not care who is going to know your business and you are down to do anything, then that is how you will be treated. You will be labeled as a "whore" or "slut" that is willing to do whatever, whenever and wherever-and people do not have respect for those that do not have respect for themselves. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything-and that is exactly what will happen if you portray yourself in a negative content. One only receives respect when respect is due. So ask yourself, if you do not respect yourself and your body then who will? It sure won't be the guys that you were dancing for. To them you will just be known as another name on their list that they can pass around. There is nothing wrong with sexual dancing, but there is a manner to which you can do it and not be perceived as a "ho." Dancing with people at parties and having fun are the reasons people attend them, but they do not pay their money to see lap dances being given all night. We should not be looked at as the women who love to shack their ass and dance in videos, wearing close to nothing. We hate the way we are being degraded, but we are the ones that are allowing it to happen. Rap videos would not contain the content that they do if women were to decide that they would no longer take part in them, and parties would not have any more contest or lap dance sessions if women were to decide to no longer do them. As women, we have to respect our bodies, because no one else will if we don't first. We must take pride and dignity in who we are and not feed into the hype of being someone's sexual fantasy.

Out of Bounds: The American Dream

Allan Ford

September 4, 2007

This year's US basketball team is gaining a lot of references to the 1992 Dream Team, headlined by Mike Jordan and Charles Barkley. My opinion: it's about time. The US team this year is finally living up to the potential the NBA has created. In the eyes of most, the NBA is home to the greatest basketball players in the world. In every Olympic competition since the Dream Team, they ranked first, and every year they disappointed. But are they simply faced with living up to responsibility, or are they faced with filling a void that their loyal fans have shared since the days of MJ and Sir Charles? You can look at this with sympathy or discontent. I'll help you with both. For the sympathetic crowd, this year's team could very possibly be the best since the Dream Team, in regards to pure talent. You'd be hard-pressed to find a suitable match-up for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd anywhere in the NBA-let alone the world. Let's put this into a different light. For example: Let's say the Arkansas Razorbacks are the best football team in the state of Arkansas. For example, the Razorbacks will represent the USA, and the UCA Bears will represent Puerto Rico. If The UCA team puts their starters on the field, while the Razorbacks bring back-ups and benchwarmers, the game might not be as one-sided as most people think. The same thing happened with last year's Olympic team. We got cocky. We figured we could scrape up the guys who didn't have much to do in the summer and present a decent team. This wasn't the case. Much like us, the athletes overseas play all the time. Basketball is seriously their lives. There may be a few months of off-season, but they are training just as hard as we do-if not harder. A dynasty can't be a dynasty if doesn't play its best players. This isn't a complex equation. Of course, we're used to seeing dominance. We're used to seeing high-flyers, three-point specialists and tall guards who dominate the game like giants. In layman's terms, we've become a little spoiled. As for the discontent, this is no excuse. We've become a little spoiled, and rightfully so. For example: Yao Ming, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker all come from different countries; yet they have gravitated to the glitz, glitter, fame, fortune and athleticism of the NBA. Just because we have been charged with being the best year in and year out, doesn't mean we should give ourselves time to lick out wounds. Never forget that although the game's inventor, Dr. James Naismith is Canadian, he invented the game right here on American soil. We came up with this thing, so why should we let anyone beat us at it? If I teach a kid how to play chess, there is no way I should ever let the kid beat me. It encompasses most arts. Think about it. What makes a teacher a teacher? The fact that this person provides a lesson, or trait, which is taught and therefore, learned. The rest of the world has caught on. It's about time we remembered who was supposed to be the teacher in the first place.


Drew Garrison

April 30, 2007

The words are captivating, the chords heart wrenching and the whole thing is rotten with truth. I first need to thank my good buddy Nick for giving me this CD to listen to. He told me about this guy named Dustin Kensrue and let m...

How Many More Times?

Mitchell Allgood

April 30, 2007

Alcohol is the wonder drug. Alcohol incites riots, entices fish, causes epiphanies and single-handedly accounts for more than half of Waffle House's revenue. The 2-5 a.m. crowd - although obnoxious - still carries green money. Al...

Why I laugh at celebrities, part two

Kim Hannah

April 30, 2007

Last week was all about celebrity soap operas, and two of my favorites were the Anna Nicole Smith drama and the "I Love New York Reunion Show." On April 10, the world learned the true identity of Smith's daughter, Dannielynn. ...

Guns – Do we need them?

Marie Martin

April 30, 2007

The news of yet another shooting on an American campus is very disturbing. This time it's at a very distinguished college: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, aka Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, ...

Why I laugh at celebrities and sad clowns

Kim Hannah

April 30, 2007

I occasionally watch "American Idol." I usually watch the first couple of episodes in a season-during the auditions-and the last couple of episodes-when the show narrows down to the top idols. To put it bluntly, I like to see the most talented and the least talented. I would never try-out because my singing range is very narrow, and I wouldn't want to embarrass myself on national television among the least talented. I sing alright in choirs, but I am by no means a soloist. My sister Kendall sings so well that she moved out to California to pursue her dream. This blog is not all about "American Idol" and how I won't be receiving a Grammy anytime soon. I will give my viewpoint on the whole concept of celebrity and both the upsides and downsides of obtaining it (Example: Lindsay Lohan). Anyone who watches enough entertainment news programs and channels like Vh1 and E! could probably do about the same thing. So put down your US Weekly magazine, this is going to be a fun ride.

The Breakdown

Drew Garrison

April 30, 2007

Face it - Arkansas is not on the cutting edge of fashion and I think most people know that. I have one Big Complaint! Women have had it easy here in Arkansas when it comes to Fashion. There are all kinds of stores and boutiques in Little Rock, Fayetteville and even Conway that cater to women and their need for jeans. I get made fun of a lot for the things I like; I love GQ, ESQUIRE, and I will occasionally read MAXIM. I like to think that I have good fashion sense and I try to stay up to date on the latest fashions for men. I am one of those guys who enjoy shopping almost as much as a girl. and no I am not a METRO!!! I just enjoy fashion and I especially like jeans, Diesel being my favorite brand right next to True Religion. I used to make fun of girls paying so much for their jeans until I finally broke down and bought a pair of designer jeans. They fit like a champ and they look pretty damn good on. After buying such a great pair of jeans I only wanted more, but I realized I am stuck in this state that is a couple of years behind. I resorted to the Internet and also other places such as Dallas, Texas and New York, New York. Arkansas has recently jumped on the bandwagon and started getting more and more stores that carry the brands such as Diesel, True Religion, and Seven jeans for men. It is important for a guy to have a pair of jeans he can dress up in or dress down in. I am not saying that the jeans will make who you are but they will definitely help add to your character. Guys for the love of GOD please throw away those baggy jeans that swallow your feet and make your ass look like it is melting off and get you some that actually fit!!!!


Brandon Tabor

April 30, 2007

It's funny. The second I start to accept the fact that I'm single and that I am not ready for a woman in my life, everyone around me starts to either find someone, hook back up with someone or get really serious (such as marriage . that's about as serious as someone can get). I've noticed something else, too: I've had bad luck with women. Why is it that when a woman finds me she is "crazy" or totally not for me? Or, how about when I find a woman, but the timing's all off. "They aren't really ready" is what they tell me. I have a lot of female friends ... I pretty much know that "we can be friends" is girl talk for "I WOULDN'T TOUCH YOU EVEN IF I HAD LATEX GLOVES ON AT THE TIME AND I BATHED IN SANITIZER, SOAP AND CLOROX BLEACH!" Oh, like I'm any better by just sitting around in my bed staring up at the frame of my roommate's bed, talking to the Man Upstairs and thinking He'll instantly tell me - better yet show me, as if I'm "That's So Raven" - that the woman of my dreams is actually thinking about me as more than a friend ... Then finding out later that it was nothing but a waste of brain power and stress because they could give a crap about me. THEN, she ends up "talking" to ... HIM (I'm not going to get into that). Yeah, it sucks. All of my ex's have someone; a majority of my friends have someone; my roommates and suitemates have someone; and I'm sitting here, alone, on a cold February night in my dorm room, "watching" Inuasha and typing a note on Facebook. I could be doing something else better with my time. I could be hanging out with my friends. I could, actually, try to study for my classes. I COULD do my laundry. I could find other ways to have or occupy my time rather than just worrying about the karma that the "whole world" has someone to lay down next to right now but me. Besides, not ALL of my friends have been taken. I still have single friends and we all know how to kick it and press on. Plus, I do keep one thing in mind. Maybe - just maybe - I'm as ready as I'll ever be, but the "real woman" is probably somewhere in New York City, sleeping around with everyone, and having a "hard-knock" life. She's probably not ready for an interesting character like me anyway. All things run on God's time, I guess. It's probably like what I learned in Bible study: you can do everything you want to "make" the situation happen, but if He doesn't feel like it (basically, if He doesn't think your ready), it won't happen.

Too Much Drama

Karen Bonds

April 30, 2007

This is the first blog and I don't have any idea what to blog about ... Soooooo I had a great weekend and I am already wanting spring break to get here. Well, let's be truthful here, I wish May were already here. I need a new attitude if I am going to get through this semester. Oh, my purse got stolen this weekend, and so far the thief has racked up a pretty hefty bill before I could close my accounts. What a crappy thing to do! I can't believe some people are so pathetic. Well, I guess I need to close this one out before I get all mad again. Adios. Link: