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The Small Town Enviromentalist

Elisha Allen

November 24, 2008

The semester is winding to a close. So is this blog. This will be the last installment. Over this semester I have discussed friends, forgetfulness and tips for "going green." It is my sincerest hope that it has helped someone....

The Intern Chronicles

Elissa Erwin

November 17, 2008

Ugh. My alarm went of at 7 a.m. on June 1. Just for clarification that is summer vacation. I should be sleeping, not waking up to go to work. Wait, can you actually say you're going to work if you don't get paid? I parked my car in the dingy little parking lot that faced the dingy little building I was going to be working in. Could they not afford to put windows in it? I could feel the blood rushing to my face; my nerves were getting the best of me now. I think I have already established I have a problem my nerves; I get way too nervous about things. Even though this isn't my dream internship I still want to do a good job. What if they hate me? What if I can't write well? Stop stop stop. You are going to be fine, and plus it is just for one month. Surely you can survive one month. I walked in the building and looked around at all the little cubicles with outdated computers sitting on them. This is definitely going to be an experience. Everyone looked pretty stressed. I guess I never realized how stressed newspaper people get a few hours before the paper goes to press. Great. I'm just going to be in the way. Well isn't this just lovely, they probably don't even want me here. They sent me back to the editor's office. He was pretty nice, but very distracted; I think press was messed up. After a brief introduction from the editor I left the small office with a camera in my hand. My first assignment as a Hope Star intern was to take pictures. Pictures of what? I don't know. How long am I supposed to be gone? Don't know that one either. What a way to start out the day. This is the scene from the first day of my internship at the Hope Star. The first internship I did after my sophomore year. So your probably wondering what happened. And I will go ahead and tell you that I didn't have a nervous breakdown. I actually came back with a ton of pictures, and a story about the opening day of the community pool. Exciting stuff right? Sadly, in a small town it actually is the highlight of the week. To my utter shock and surprise, the article and one of my photos made it on the front page of the next days paper. Not a bad start, and definitely a boost for my portfolio. It was then that I realized that even though I was just the "intern" I could still contribute to the paper, I simply had to come up with my own stuff to do and not wait to be given an assignment. Being an intern is a pretty confusing thing, you are still a college student, and yet you are in a professional work environment. They don't exactly have a class to tell you how to handle things; like being sent out with a camera with no further instructions. I know you would probably never guess this, but I'm kind of a timid person. Shocker right? But the most valuable thing that I learned is to just roll with punches, people are busy, and sometimes they don't have time to give specific instructions. When my internship at the Hope Star was finished the editor pulled me in his office and told me I had a job after graduation if I wanted it. Now I don't know about that, but I do know that he sent me a good letter of recommendation. What else can an intern ask for?

Reddie for Faith

Holly Parker

November 17, 2008

It's something that has been on my mind for a while. No matter what is going on in my life or where I am at, it's been there. That feeling of emptiness. Most teenagers go through the same things. It's hard to go against the crowd, to stick with your beliefs, and to not fall into peer pressure. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. But, it's no excuse. I knew better. I'd been taught better. Heck, I taught others better! It's sad to say that it has taken me about nine years to get back a part of me. I have felt so incomplete for the last nine years. And I haven't been able to figure out why. So why now? Why now that I'm twenty-four years old and a senior in college? Who knows? Maybe I had to mature. Maybe it's what God had planned. All I know is that for the first time in a long time I'm feeling like Holly, and I'm believing more and more each day in "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13, AKJV) With this awesome summer of life changing experiences behind me, I feel the need to get involved , involved with other believers. This is a problem. To most people it's not. Although I am a full-time college student, I must also have a full-time job. And what better days to work that full-time job than on the weekends? Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Joy. However, there is another way! I feel like a retard that I have been an HSU student for four years and I've never experienced the religious student organizations! And there are so many to choose from! There are the: Angelic Voices of Christ Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) Fellowship of Christian Athletes Latter Day Saints Student Association Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship (MBSF) Reddies for Christ Wesley Foundation Okay. So, I now know 4 things. 1. I need God. 2. I need fellowship with other believers. 3. I need to fellowship during the week, after classes, since I work on weekends. 4. HSU offers seven religious student organizations to choose from. As easy as this looks, it's not. Each organization meets at different times on different days, and just like there's more than one way to skin a cat each organization has its own particular way of how they run their meetings and services. Take "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," for instance. Goldilocks liked her porridge, her chair, and her bed all a certain way. She had to try out each bowl of porridge, each chair, and each bed to find the one that she liked best - the one that made her feel most comfortable. That's where I am. I am trying out each organization to find one (or two or maybe even three) that I like best - that makes me feel most comfortable. I will share my experiences as I check out these organizations. Maybe this will make this process not quite as scary to you (and hopefully me). I just hope that I don't feel like the new kid in school......

Hello Real World

Kyrie Lantz

November 17, 2008

I guess it's almost about that time for me to say goodbye to the college life and enter the real world. I'm Kyrie Lantz, and I am a senior mass media major. Sounds kind of like an introduction in an AA meeting. Anyways, I plan on graduating in December and from there I am not quite sure what to expect. I honestly have no clue as to what I want to do. Yeah yeah, I know. I seem like this organized person that has everything planned out. There was once a time when I did, but now I am not so sure. I am unsure about what job I want, where I want to live and a variety of other things I haven't even thought about. First of all, I have to make it to graduation. That shouldn't be a problem since I have already made it through three years, and this semester shouldn't be too stressful because I am only taking fifteen hours. By the way, did I mention that I don't have classes on Monday and Friday? Pretty sweet! With all this extra time I have plenty of time to contemplate my future and plans. Let's see, where should I start? As I mentioned earlier, I have quite a few decisions I need to make before graduation in December. The main decision is where do I want to work. I have considered a few places. I interned this summer at the Channel 7 News station and at StoneWard in the public communications department. These two internships were extremely helpful in introducing me to work in the media. You know, long painful hours of working late and interviewing uninteresting people. Not really, it was great fun!! At Channel 7 I got to follow reporters through their daily process of brainstorming story ideas. "So reporters, let's talk about your story ideas," said news director. "Well there isn't much going on today," said reporter #1. "Hopefully someone gets shot," said reporter #2. I did hear a conversation similar to this one this summer. You know the kind of boring news day. That's when everyone hopes someone gets shot. This internship was a great experience, but while interning at Channel 7 I realized news was not the career for me. I loved learning everything at the station but I felt that I should be doing something else. This realization shocked me because I had entered college wanting to be a reporter and news anchor at a television station. "So Kyrie, what do you want to be when you grow up?" My parents would always ask me this question as a little girl. I went through stages. I wanted to be a princess, a doctor and even an architect. As I got older, I realized being a princess was no longer an option. When I graduated from high school, I decided I wanted to be a news anchor and reporter. I was a little upset that what I had planned on becoming wasn't exactly what I had expected it to be. After my internship I felt that I would not enjoy going to work everyday as a news reporter. Even though my first internship was not what I hoped it would be, I loved my second internship at StoneWard. It was an excellent learning experience - an experience that I will elaborate on more next time!

Daily Demons

Jillian Allison

November 10, 2008

I know last week was not so great with the whole freaking out over my scales, but this week was GREAT! My doctors would definitely disagree but I had a good week and I feel much better despite what my doctors would think. I got back from my mom's Saturday and went completely OCD as far as exercise. I did cardio till I damn near passed out and worked on my 6 Second Abs machine till my muscles burned and that was just Saturday and Sunday. I got a call Monday morning from my favorite person in the world, B, and started running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had to make sure everything was in order. I worked all day long trying to get things in order around the house and make sure I had the things we needed for our trip. I was so excited and nervous that I completely spaced as far as eating.I was going to see B! Finally-' after what seemed like forever I got to the hotel, got our room, walked out of the office, and saw that big beautiful, bubbly smile. I didn't run into her arms for a big bear hug like I wanted. Instead, I walked calmly to her and that warm smile, looked into her big brown eyes, and grabbed her for a big hug before we went into 119. After we cooled the room off, had a few beers, and caught up it was time for dinner. B was hungry and I was, too. but I wasn't. It's like there was no room left in my belly after the Bud Light. After we found out the Mexican restaurant was closed, we went to Taco Bell/KFC. It's in the same building in that town. She knew I wouldn't eat so I bought her food and we went back to the room. After we talked longer and watched a movie it was time to go, so we said our goodbyes and went back to our homes. Seeing her made my whole week, but seeing her and not eating after all that exercise got my head all twisted. I even missed a class Tuesday because I was too weak to walk up three flights of stairs. I was scared that if I went up the stairs I would pass out again like the first day of class my second semester here. I ended up going home after my first class of the day to lay on the couch and sip Gatorade. That's my drink of choice when I feel shitty due to my disorder. The orange Gatorade helped and I made it to the rest of my classes Tuesday, but my friends were all over my ass that night. Even my neighbor "Grandma" was on to me. "Jill, you know you needs to eat baby!" Grandma said. "I been in the kitchen all day you needs to come over and get you a plate." Although I didn't eat at Grandma's I did end up having half a cheeseburger at Shawna's. She talked to Mandy, my ex, and they basically double teamed me. Not to mention Shawna threatened to tell B about how I wasn't eating right. I had the other half of the burger Wednesday, but not before Shawna's kids kept bugging me about why I wouldn't eat dinner with them. Finally she told them I ate before I got there and told me I better eat when I left, she knows I only eat when I am hungry and I damn sure don't like having to eat around a ton of people like there were for dinner. Thursday was different. I honestly did not have time to eat between class, taking a nap before the volleyball game, and then having to meet my deadline. I just forgot about food and by the time I finished it was almost midnight and I didn't want anything. So far I've lost about five pounds this week which makes me happy as all hell, but the doctors will see it a different way. I have things under complete control as far as that but they will see it as regression and I have not regressed. I just had a busy week.

Art and Soul

Jamie Melton

November 10, 2008

If I could wear pigtails I would. I look into the mirror and check my calendar. I can make it if I run. With ice cream cone and tablet in hand I rush to the Russell Fine Arts gallery. The art gallery is currently hosting the work of HSU Art faculty. The art show opening reception was held on Tuesday, September 2, 2008. The art will be on exhibit Sept. 2 through Sept. 24. Entrance to the gallery is free and you will be surrounded by entertainment from paper lamps to teapot collections and strange metal objects otherwise known as sculpture. Isn't strange how eyes on paintings seem to follow you everywhere you go? That is how I felt as I walked by Katherine Strause's oil paintings, which were based on found photos. Distinct features of strangers and those shiny oily eyes followed me all the way to David Warren's mystical section of the gallery. Did I just see a mayfly or a faerie buzz by? His work makes you feel like you were scooped up and dropped into a Harry Potter novel. I could almost hear Fantasia in the background as I moved across his series. What just touched my leg? AHHH! Cold, foreign object!!! Oh, it's a sculpture by Mac Hornecker. His series is made from aluminum and resembles things you would see just sitting in the middle of a river, put there just to make you wonder.. The series by Summer Bruch are sculptures made from Terracotta with engobes. These pieces are small, but have intricate patterns. They could be added to any centerpiece to make for great conversation at almost any dinner party. Gold leaf has never struck me deep until today. I love collages by Betsy Fulmer. The artist did an outstanding job of making her elements flow. It's versatile yet simple, a great concept.

Small Town Environmentalist

Elisha Allen

November 10, 2008

There are a lot of things to deal with when trying to become more eco-friendly You have to change habits. You have to put forth more effort. You have to think about things you do. It is not a light effort, though it is worth ...

A Choreographer’s Experience

Amy Damron

November 10, 2008

Thoughts running through my head: Sweating out the fears and troubles clears my mind, Working hard makes me think, I want to break down the walls, Thinking too traditionally hurts, I break down my barriers, I think on my own, Not caring what others think, Being myself is all I have, I can depend on no one else, But myself. This week, I made a lot of progress on my dance. I have finally picked a song to start the piece out and I am pretty sure that I know all of the dancers I will be using. On Wednesday of this week, I was in the dance studio for five hours. I worked realy hard with one of my dancers and she inspired me. I have taken pictures and made sketches of my dance. When I say sketches, I mean little scrawny stick figures that are in odd shapes in different places on a sheet of paper. The song starts with one dancer moving all alone, she has the look of being in love. The second dancer begins to move and you find out that it is the one that loves the first dancer. They are the couple that is in love and has no worries, cares, or fears. The next couple, which are standing in the shadows, are the ones with problems in their relationship. That's what I always tell them. I explain to them as they embody the character to look like they are trying to work on what relationship they have left. They will have their own song that bleeds from the other song. They appear in the first song, but only so that the audience can see the difference between the two couples. There will also be an additional dancer in the second song. She represents the thought process that is going through the head of female dancer's character. She is the audiences insider as to what is really going on. I have not picked the second song, but I have several good choices that have come to mind. I just have to pick one. I went to Juanita's this week and saw four different bands. They were so influential to me. The way that the bands worked the crowd and the music that they played was such a window into the creative mind. I cannot wait for my piece to be done, so that I may show everyone how hard my dancers and I have worked. The dance will always edit and reform, edit and reform.

Visiting Maw-Maw

Martha Myrick

November 3, 2008

As I walked down that long white hall, I tried to remember the room number. "Room 595? No. That's not her........." "Room 600? Oh wow, that's definately not her...." Fortunately, as I took that first corner I heard a cheerful, animated voice navigate my steps. When I turned into her doorway I heard a dramatic gasp come out of her mouth as if I had a gun. It didn't scare me much. I'd become so familiar with that award winning noise. She sat there in her wheelchair as if it were a Cadillac. "Hi darlin'! What ya got there?" She saw the two packages of chocolates in my hand. "Just something for the nurses." She didn't miss a beat. "Put in my nightstand. I'll make sure it gets to them." It tickled me so much, I couldn't help but laugh. I stashed the Milky Ways into her drawer and saw that she had two rather large boxes of cheese crackers hidden between her shirts. "Maw-Maw! Where did you get these from?" She swore that she didn't know where they came from, and I didn't have time to respond because I was interrupted. "WHAT IS FRANCE!" No she's not schizophrenic. She's watching "Jeopardy." Apparently she yelled the answer because she and the woman across the hall were playing against each other. Just about that time I heard in the distance... "WHAT IS ASIA-MINOR?" "YOU'RE WRONG AGAIN, MYRTLE!" Maw-Maw had no concept of an inside voice. As she continued to watch, I strolled over to her bed where she had six pictures of her grandbabies. I noticed that my sisters and I were pushed to the back, and my brother's picture was front and center. I reached for it. "Now, you keep your brother's picture right there. There's a young single nurse around here who finds him handsome. Maybe if I can keep that picture right there..." "Are you trying to pimp out your own grandson?" "I would half my earnins' with you. If you don't tell that mother of yours," she contemplated in the most serious tone. "He has a girlfried, Maw-Maw." She ignored my comment. "So! This nurse has a job!" The humor in that statement even made the janitor walking by the door grin. "Oh, Ms. Martha....." She rolled to her door and informed me of Bingo starting soon and of how she wanted to get a head start so she could pick out her lucky game boards. She put on her green casino visor and grabbed her Mardi-Gras beads. "Well, you have fun and win lots of money. I'll see you in a week." By this time she was out the door and down the hall. "Okay, but next time I want Butterfingers!" I walked back into her room., put my picture in front of my brothers, turned off the lights, and then shut the door. I took a step away when I heard something hit the floor. I looked behind my feet and read the broken brown sign on the floor. MARTHA ANN PEARSON: ROOM 603

A Fanboy POV

EZ Peterson

November 3, 2008

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's even better when it's on a weekend. This gives me three days of candy, scary movies, and to top it all off, I play ALL my Resident Evil games in a row. 6 games, the lights off, and I try to see if I can literally scare the crap out of myself. I swear. No matter how many times you play those games, they still are scary as hell. You never know what's going to jump out at you, one bad move and you die, horribly. It would be nice to have some scary movies I haven't seen a billion times. You got the run of the mill slasher movies (Nightmare, Friday, Halloween, etc) then you got your classic 80's underrated scary movies that no one but nerds like myself remember, such as Waxwork, Dolls, and Fright Night. Those are just off the top of my head. Torture films and J-Horror movies are the medium today. I don't have any regards against Saw. I just wish it wasn't turning into another slasher franchise. Everyone says Saw V will be the last, but as long as the franchise is profitable, Jigsaw will never die, just like the hockey-masked, claw-handed and killer-possessed doll wonders before him. If you read my last entry you know I'm not one for the U.S ripping off Japan, but now you've got clunkers like The Ring, and The Grudge. I'm sorry but those movies aren't scary to me. I sat through those crap-tastic Americanized movies and didn't even blink. Even the real movies weren't anything to make me jump back and gasp. It takes a lot to scare me. I love the sensation, but these movies don't fill the void. I'm going to list some of my favorite scary movies to enlighten people who don't know what a good scary movie is. Minor spoilers ahead. If you want something suspenseful and supernatural, I suggest a little 70's outing called Phantasm. This movie scared the hell out of me when I was young. The midget monsters looked like Jawas from Star Wars, and trust me, you don't wanna know how they are made. Flying silver spheres may not scare you at first but when those blades pop out and cut a guy's ear off and drilled a hole through his head, I screamed to high heaven, it was like "Attack of the Flying Ornaments". I saw those things in my nightmares. If that doesn't scare you, The Tall Man will. That creepy S.O.B looks like he just got out of a coffin. It's a horror classic and it was just released on DVD not too long ago, give it a try. It has a couple of sequels but I'd stop at three, it gets kinda lame after that. Now for those of you who are fans of the token monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy, I suggest you look up the old Hammer Films of the 60's. Not only did they reinvent the monsters we find so cheesy today, they turned greats like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee into horror movie staples before both of their stints in respective Star Wars movies. I personally recommend the Dracula films, such as The Horror of Dracula, Dracula: Prince of Darkness and Scars of Dracula. Christopher Lee is the ultimate Dracula in my opinion, he has played the vampire lord a record 13 times, and you people probably just know him as Count Dooku and Saruman. No way, Christopher Lee was laying down the evil before we were born. Peter Cushing plays as both Professor Van Helsing and Professor Frankenstein, he is flawless in both. The 70's Hammer films get kind of Grindhouse-like, but are still good. Check them out. I'm somewhat of an anime expert, so I feel obligated to throw in some scary anime in here as well. Don't laugh, anime can be scary. A good movie to start out with is Vampire Hunter D. It's just what the title says it is, a vampire hunter who does his job. It may sound generic but many hail it as a classic anime. If you're looking for something more mind-bending, I suggest Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek. It's about kids who (of course) play hide and seek in the ruins of an old city where kids have been known to disappear. One of the kids goes there to find his lost sister. I can't say much as it's a short film, but it has a twist end that would put M. Night Shyamalan to shame. I also recommend Robot Carnival. It's a collection of short anime films that is on par with the Pink Floyd movies as far I'm concerned. Some are scary, some just mess with your mind. I'll let you decide. Time for the sci-fi lovers. An 80's classic I highly recommend is Invaders from Mars. It's a lot like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but from a children's point of view. It's the typical storyline where the kid sees what's really happening but the adults don't believe him, mostly because the parents are becoming the aliens. The plot may be tiresome but it's a hell of a lot better than the sci-fi BS that Hollywood is pumping out today. (Cloverfield anyone?) It's a trip down memory lane and what it doesn't offer in the scary department, it makes up for in the nostalgia area. If you liked this, I suggest checking out The Faculty. This one was a late 90's flick that is one of Robert Rodriguez's lesser known gems. It's the same premise, not too scary but nostalgic, and pretty damn good. Well, that's enough for now. I'm going to work on my costume now. I'll be at Henderson Halloween by the way. No autographs. See ya. I've just been fired because nobody wants to see vampire killers anymore or vampires either. Apparently all they want are demented madmen running around in ski masks hacking up young virgins. - Roddy McDowell in Fright Night.

The small town environmentalist

Elisha Allen

October 20, 2008

Being environmentally friendly is the in thing right now. It is the cause of the month. But why? Why take the extra effort to separate trash or remember to bring a reusable bag when you go shopping? What reason do we really have to do it that will outlast the latest fad? Beauty. We live in world that has views and scenery that makes people (me at least) lose my breath sometimes. Go to a park or a lake. Go for a hike. You will see what I mean if you are fortunate enough to live near a place that has been well treated and its beauty preserved. As Arkansas residents we are blessed with more than enough state parks to keep any outdoorsmen happy. Humans produce tons upon tons of trash every year. Without recycling it has to go somewhere. The answer to that is landfills. I don't know if you have ever seen a landfill. Trust me. It is not a pretty site to see. The more we use trash the more landfills become full to capacity. As a result new landfills are created. That means more beauty is destroyed. Now they have tried using the covered landfills to build on but that idea seems like it is plagued with problems. One high school which was built on a landfill, reports say, is sinking into the ground. I love to hike, camp and swim. Actually I just love being outdoors. I am pretty sure that is a prerequisite for being an environmentalist. Pollution and people just not caring ruins the experience for others. I really hate it when people just throw their trash on the trails. Without environmental preservation I am afraid all the beautiful places will end up looking like a scene from Captain Planet. Yes I was an avid Captain Planet fan as a child. I remember watching it and seeing scenes of rivers turned brown from pollution. Imagine what it would be like trying to go for a romantic walk among piles of trash. Great painters would lose so much without the benefit of being able to see the sunset which could be lost to us if factories were allowed to pipe out smoke with no form of control. Astronomy would die if no children were able to look at the night sky to wonder and dream about what lies beyond. That what the world will be like for future generations without environmental responsibility on our part now. We need to care about those who are to come after us. This planet is not just ours. We will have to share it with them. Greed and laziness should not destroy their chance to love the things we love now. I know I don't want to have to tell my grandkids what lakes used to be like. I hope they get to experience all the beauty first hand I have. I don't want the only time they get to see what a great trail is like to be from pictures. I want to be able take my family to do the things I love to do now. People who do not care now will miss it all when it is gone.

Reddie Sports Blog

Josh Briggs

October 13, 2008

The Reddies football squad kicked off their home schedule with a huge margin of victory, 34-0! This was one of the biggest wins in head coach Scott Maxfield's career as the head coach of the Reddies. "Overall it was a great win for our team," said Maxfield after the game. The other game that would stand side by side with this one was when he led his team to a victory over the number two team in the nation at that time, their archrivals from Delta State. The Reddies wasted no time getting started during the first quarter as they began the game on defense. The Reddies caused the Lions to go three and out followed by a 30-yard punt from UAPB. The big story from the night was the play making from Roch Charpentier who passed for a total of 352 yards for the game. I must point out that he did not even pass the ball much in the fourth quarter as the Reddies went with a running game to keep the clock moving. The defense was also a very big factor, forcing seven fumbles and recovering four of them. One in return resulted in a touchdown drive and the second score of the night for the Reddies. Senior running back Bernard Palmer scored the first touchdown with a two-yard run on the team's first drive of the first half. The Reddies did, however, lose one of their players for the season to injury. Junior tight end Chris Koeler was tackled on an early half play and had to be helped off the field by the trainers and was later taken to the locker room where they discovered that he had a clean break in his fibula. The Reddies also had a scare late in the second half as Palmer came up limping. The injury was not serious but he did not return to the game. Maxfield was trying to save his players' energy for the big game coming up this weekend in North Alabama so he did not return Palmer to the game since they were already winning by a big margin of 27-0. Senior quarterback turned wide-receiver Garett Manning had a break through eye opening night as he led the team in receiving yards with 114 on only three catches and one touchdown score. As the second half was closing down and the Reddies were about to get their first win of the season, the defense had to shine just one more time. They blocked a UAPB punt from deep in their own territory and returned it 10 yards for the last touchdown of the night and caped off the game with a final score of 34-0. The Reddies travel to North Alabama this week where they will start Gulf South Conference play.