Almost Famous: “I am Emily Doe” is performed at the Ron Robinson Theatre

Story by Julie Young Student Reporter

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 The Henderson State University Theatre and Dance Department had the chance to display their talents outside the walls of Arkansas Hall when they performed “I Am Emily Doe” at the Ron Robinson Theatre in Little Rock on Jan. 27. 

“I Am Emily Doe” is an original play by Henderson junior theatre major Maggee-Lee Preston. It recounts the 2015 Brock Turner sexual assault case and the surrounding events through the eyes of victim Emily Doe. 

Though the play had a short run at Henderson back in Oct. 2017, having it performed anywhere else was a completely new experience for the theatre department. 

“Seeing it on Henderson’s stage was super special to me, but at the Ron Robinson theatre it was in a proscenium which changes the blocking and the way scenes are staged,” stated Preston. 

While stage type may have altered the blocking, something that not even a different venue could change was the audience reaction. 

“The audience had a really good reaction,” stated Preston. “There were a group of ladies in front of me who were crying when Emily was crying and would scoff when Brock told a lie in court. [It was] cool to hear that verbal response to it.” 

Having a student-written play performed at Henderson is a big deal on its own. Having that same play reach an even bigger audience took the experience to a whole new level, 

“Because the cast took a break from the script for a while, it brought this fresh new energy to it,” stated Preston. “It was a really cool experience.