Lookin’ for love

Is it in all the right places?

Opinion by Jae-Kur Lockhart, Student Reporter

Imagine that you are on the cusp of a blossoming relationship. You and your partner are developing a bond that many would refer to as “relationship goals”.

You’re going on dates, meeting each other’s close friends, and even sharing your dreams and aspirations with one another. Then one day, things just change.

What do you consider hurdles and obstacles that would cause friction or issues in newly flourishing relationships?

“I believe that poor communication can cause huge issues,” said Kamisha Murray. “The better the communication with your partner, the better the chances of a good connection.”

Another student had this to say: “Thirsty guys/girls can cause issues. No one wants their boyfriend/girlfriend to be in everyone’s face all the time. I’ve been there and done that and it wasn’t good” – Markayla Wyatt.

What is the point where you would say that your “boo” is crossing unspoken boundaries?

“I think that when they start doing things that they know they would not be okay with you doing – that’s when I feel like boundaries have been crossed,” Murray said.

One question that has been posed more often than not – do all relationship boundaries need to be spoken or should some of them be more or less understood?

“Some things should just be understood,” said Pete Tubbs, “but I would say that it helps to explain some things that might not just be a given.”

What is too much information to reveal to others when it comes to relationships?

“For the most part, you will know when you’re saying too much – you may want to vent but sometimes its better to just work things out in house,” said Latora Smith.

Are you okay with your boyfriend/girlfriend being friends with someone they were once sexually active with?

“No, I feel like you need to cut all ties with the past to work on a stronger future for the sake of a good relationship,” said senior Jayla Lee.

Last but not least, do you think it is ok for your significant other to talk to their ex about you?

“Personally, I don’t see an issue with it as long as they aren’t talking bad about you – it depends on the context of the conversation,” said Savannah Reynolds, senior Theater major.