Band on the run: AMITY ROAD

Southern Rock and Brotherhood


Photo courtesy of Clark Jarrett.

The members of Amity Road include Luke Melton, Clark Jarrett, Taylor Ochello, Will Tedford, and Forrest Talley.

Most groups of friends that get a band together do not make it out of their parent’s basement but a group of Henderson State students have succeeded far past that.

Taylor Ochello, lead singer, Will

Tedford, harmony singer and rhythm electric, Luke Melton “heart and soul of the band”, Charlie Gatlin, lead guitar, Clark Jarrett, lead bass guitarist, and Forrest Talley with a strong assortment of drums, piano and guitar, all got together and formed the band Amity Road.

The lead singer Ochello had a tragic and life-threatening car accident caused by a drunk driver on the common road and since then he has not held back chasing his dreams, thus the band was formed.

Ochello and Melton were just chilling and jamming out to their favorite songs when Ochello got the bright idea to start a band. Tedford came into

the mix from a local bar that he met Ochello at.

Gatlin became lead guitarists quickly when the two first heard him strumming. Talley started out as a fill in for a show but when his skills were debuted.

The rest is history when it comes to their mojo. The band is now one year strong.

They are a country and southern rock band that started out playing covers of some of their favorites and most recently they have been working on and performing their own original works at the gigs they have booked. The band

started playing concerts at local joints like The Cue, 67 Grill and even on campus at Reddie Café.

Their biggest gig yet has been the Rev Room in Little Rock. The band must have been impressive, as they were

asked to come back on May 12.

Amity Road has some gigs lined up all summer in Northwest Arkansas and plan to rock out at those as well. The boys in this group are not just doing it for the fame but also for their fans.

With a strong fan base, they know that no matter what they still have dedicated fans there to support them. Melton says, “My favorite part about playing live is definitely playing in front of people. It is an awesome feeling seeing all your friends and family out in the crowd cheering you on, dancing and

singing along with the songs.”

Henderson State is always trying to elaborate on the concept of greek unity and this band does just that. Ochello, Jarrett, Gatlin and Melton are all members of Phi Lambda Chi, Tedford is in Kappa Sigma and Talley is Sigma Tau Gamma.

This also pulls in a lot of their fraternity brothers along with some of the sororities in their fan base that they are grateful for This helps the band

not just bond as band members but also as greek life members.

The band blends them even closer as

friends and sometimes just playing around with new ideas is the best part of these group of friends coming together to form the band. Amity Road hopes to see their fans at their bigger gigs this summer.