Dog days aren’t over

Don’t leave all your lovin’ behind

Story by Bunky Raines, Student Reporter

On Thursday, the quad was alive with carnival rides, funnel cakes and lots of dogs. The Clark County Humane Society and Group Living, home for adults with disabilities, teamed up to be a big part of the festivities.

All the smiling faces and wagging tails made it clear that the two organizations succeeded in their mission to bring joy to both dogs without homes and adults with disabilities.

Casidy Jackson, outdoor programming specialist , was responsible for organizing the event. “We had somebody adopt a dog yesterday,” Jackson said. “That’s really what we’re pushing for, to get more students involved.”

Jackson said the humane society is holding an event, paws for pearls, on campus May 18 in an attempt to raise money to house their animals outdoors.

The dogs are now kept in an old factory building that’s falling apart.

“It doesn’t smell great,” Jackson said. “There’s no ventilation and it’s hard to rinse out pens.” At paws for pearls, any willing student may adopt a dog, volunteer their time or donate money to the Humane Society.

Bretta McCain, administrative assistant at Group Living, reached out to Jackson to see if they could participate in the event. The organization has members who range from 19 to 80 years of age and they try to integrate them into the community as often as possible.

“Our members absolutely loved it,” McCain said. “They’re asking when we’ll be able to do something like this again.”

Group living offers internships and students may sign up for volunteer hours. There are also opportunities for those interested in employment.

Group Living is currently seeking direct service professionals to work with their members. Anyone interested can reach McCain at or 870-246-5849.