Dive deeper into dance

Yes, dance still matters


Photo by Ayanna Williams, Student Reporter.

Some of the members of the Dance company that performed last week in Arkansas Hall.

Story by Ayanna Williams, Student Reporter

On the afternoon of April 29, Henderson’s Dance Company kicked off their spring showcase in Arkansas Hall. Here, Dance Company members showed off their skills, performing different routines. Though their moves are on point and everything came together, there is more to this Dance Company than meets the eye.

Henderson’s Dance Company has been in existence for decades, and has always given students the chance to express themselves freely through the art of dance.

Jennifer Maddox, Henderson’s dance program director and choreographer and choreographer of Henderson’s Dance Company, is well aware of the capabilities of the dancers.

In addition to teaching dance to other universities, Maddox has been at Henderson for thirty-one years. Over the years of being at HSU, Maddox has seen drastic changes in dance and the routines that are preferred.

“Thirty-one years ago, when I began teaching at HSU, there were more specific styles,” Maddox stated.”Now, I believe dance is more unified.”

Even though dance has changed, her inspirations for her routines have not, as she focuses on the human condition and culture as she comes up with new choreography each semester. Maddox, since directing the showcases as well as choreographing them, takes dance very seriously and puts all of her devotion into it.

This devotion is also shown by the student dancers. The Dance Company puts their all into the performances, even in rehearsals, which last up to two and a half hours. This doesn’t even count the long hard days of technical and dress rehearsals.

Maddox admires how passionate these students are about what they love to do, and how devoted they are to the art of dance and having their own voice as a dance artist.

Regardless of the long and hard rehearsals, the Dance Company will always have a moment to laugh and make light of these moments leading up to the semester’s showcase.

Though there are dancers with busy schedules and a number of seniors in the Dance Company that have a very busy ahead of them, Maddox still takes the time to appreciate their hard work. “I adore them,” Maddox stated. “I am so very proud of all of them!!!”

With the Dance Company happily expressing themselves onstage, Maddox and the dancers strongly feel that doing so is a way of showing everyone that the fine arts and dancing matters and it is still very relevant to the world today.

If you want to be a part of Henderson’s Dance Company, you can audition on the second Tuesday of classes when the fall semester begins. “Come into the studio, and become a part of the fabulous dance community!!!” stated Maddox.

The Dance Company readily encourages anyone that wants to freely express themselves to dive into the world of dance head first.