Social justice week

Justice for one, justice for all

Story by Alisha Davis, Student Reporter

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The students of Dr. Maxfields Advanced Composition class put together a social justice day event to bring light to some of the less discussed issues in our society. They had presentations on things from opioid abuse awareness to helping the homeless.

I got a chance to interview Dr. Beth Maxfield, an assistant professor at Henderson, at the event. She shared, “The students did a fantastic job of putting all of this together. All the credit for the success of this event goes to the students. It was great to see just how involved they got with their projects, they truly cared about all of the issues.”

One of the students, Abby Hawthorn, a Junior English Education Major, gave a presentation on the effects of altering your self-image on social media. She discussed a lot about how people act and look one way in real life and portray themselves differently on social media.

She stated, “Over the course of the semester, our class has been researching a variety of social justice topics. By hosting Social Justice Day, we hope to bring awareness to these topics and inspire students, faculty, and staff to do further research.”

The class hopes to reach out to students and inform them about how important these topics are in the world today.

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Social justice week