There’s a monster in all of us

Jerry on ‘Monster Hunter: World’


Photo courtesy of Capcom.

“Monster Hunter: World” is one of the most critically acclaimed games in the series.

Opinion by Jerry Crowe, Student Reporter

Pioneer to a new continent with your group of dedicated researchers and monster hunters alike to explore uncharted terrain in “Monster Hunter World,” one of 2018’s most ambitious role-playing video games. After a brush with an elder dragon larger than life, the player gets tossed into the action of an ancient forest facing a tyrannosaurus looking monster called the Anjanath.

From there the player must regroup with their squad and start their quest as a monster hunter. Monster Hunters do as the name implies, which is to hunt, kill, and or capture monsters for research and their parts.

Not to mention when alone or with one other person each gamer has a Palico hunting buddy or a customizable big cat that can talk, which is by far one of the biggest pulls for me.

Capcom is a Japanese company that started from arcade games but boomed into console gaming early on with classics from “Street Fighter” to “Mega Man” plus their hits such as “Resident Evil” and the “Monster Hunter” Series. In, Capcom’s, “Monster Hunter World” you hunt monsters from small to largest being Zorah Magdaros, which marooned your hunter on the island.

Although before going into battle against these creatures make sure to choose the right weapon. Pick from fourteen weapon types that range from bows to melee weapons that shift forms or even weapons that make music.

The player, their Palico, and the right weapon are the only things that stand between the monster and the monster hunter. Play online with friends or random gamers to even the odds against some of the most creative and destructive monsters that, at any moment, can get into a fight with other monsters.

Random turf wars between monsters make for an interesting fight and much more to collect as pieces of these beasts will fall off.

Collecting materials in any open-world RPG is time-consuming and can be a hassle, especially with monsters, but at the end of the day, new armor and weapon upgrades are always satisfying to have. There will be times when some players might want to give up because of a tuff fight not turning out the way he or she wanted it to, yet I urge them to continue and even call upon help online.

At the end of each fight the victory is sweet and the spoils further the plot as well as the armor. Jump around the battlefield with the Insect Glaive or hold back furious blasts of magma with the Charge Blade and give that monster every ounce of pain back. Monster Hunter World is full of possibilities of how one fights and no way is wrong.

The lesson I came out with while playing around with friends was that every player has their own way of doing things.

I saved the best for last with Monster Hunter World, because of how dedicated Capcom is to keeping this game fun and interesting with new monsters, challenges, and landmasses in store.

The “Monster Hunter” series is a special blast of fun that inspired hits such as “Dark Souls,” so in light of this masterpiece that knocked me down only to pull me in harder, I give “Monster Hunter World” a 5 out of 5.

Every Hunt is a new beginning with new challenges and learning opportunities. World is a beautiful new addition to the series and the first on console, so give the game a shot, there is a monster hunter in all of us. Go find it.