Volleyball, but in the dark

Story by Cassidy Witherspoon, Student Reporter

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The flyer was a bit vague, but it sounded interesting.

At the bottom was a note that mentioned OBU and HSU students were invited to the event.

To the average person who might have happened upon the flyer, they might think that this could be a friendly, Battle of the Ravine, type event.


I showed up expecting at least one other Henderson student.

I was disappointed.

The volleyball tournament was held on a little sand court behind OBU’s basketball gym.

We began by paying our two dollar admission fee and signing that we would not sue OBU if we happened to die in the tournament.

We warmed up as the sun set and the sand shifted beneath our sandals.

The sun went down and then the court lit up. The net was outfitted with white lights and the court was outlined in glow sticks.

The ball lit up too and it glowed as it sailed over the net,

Back and forth.

My team played one game, and then we had a bye and we were accelerated directly into the championship.

The championship was a long game.

We fought hard.

We lost.

The loss was not fun, but the event was.

With two schools across the ravine from each other, it makes sense that they would collaborate.

We have classes offered to one another and a shared library.

More events that involve both schools would be interesting to see in the future.

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Volleyball, but in the dark