When there are no excuses: Jae-Kur on last week’s school shooting

Opinion by Jae-Kur Lockhart Opinions Editor


 At the age of 19, we’re all usually on the cusp of trying to establish a false sense of independence and freedom – but not Mr. Nikolas Cruz. 

While some of us may have been spending 2018’s Valentine’s Day alone, or with someone special, Cruz was opening fire on a South Florida High School as if he were a regular at the local gun range. 

“Its sad to believe that you can’t even feel safe at school these days,” Malik Thrower, junior accounting major said “it is a very fearful situation.” 

Cruz even took much pride in knowing that he single-handedly carried out one of the nation’s most horrific school shootings. 

Seventeen…. That was the number of people that went to school that day, not knowing that they would never return home. Some students, parents, and friends had to say goodbye to these people without any warning. 

It’s been said that Cruz had a troubled past and these excuses were reason enough to validate his mass execution. 

“I’ve been bullied and I know people that have been bullied,” Tatiyanna Toney, freshman, said “but would that have given me or them to green light to go and open fire on innocent people?” 

Honestly, how on Earth do you validate a guy going from classroom to classroom – emptying the clip of his AR-15 assault riffle on unsuspecting people? Well I’ll tell you, You Don’t! 

Would you believe that Nikolas Cruz went so far as to hide in plain sight – trying to run with the crowd of terrified people? 

After the conversation on the school shooting took flight, some people somewhat overlooked the shooting and focused more on how Cruz was being treated like a human simply because of his skin tone. 

“Let’s not act like if that shooter were black that he wouldn’t have already been sentenced to forever and a day… well then again, if he were of any race besides Caucasian, he might’ve been shot execution style right on the spot,” Kierra McDaniel, junior health science major, said. 

Maybe McDaniel has a point, but I guess that’s neither here nor there at the moment. The primary concern now is gun control and not making excuses for young men that terrorize schools and other areas.