An adventure through poly art space

‘Astroneer’ is worth $20


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‘Astroneer’ lets you create your own story.

Opinion by Jerry Crowe, Student Reporter

Adventure into a poly art filled galaxy as a cute little astronaut trying to live on desolate planets one component at a time. System Era are newcomers to the gaming world working on, the adventurous space exploration, “Astroneer” that starts with landing with a new planet unexplored by mankind with a very pixel-shape graphics called poly art and the gamer, like in Minecraft, creates their own story, but in space with three big planets.

First landing on this random unnamed planet was a fun experience as my little pod transformed into a base of operations, for which I could expand from. Materials are scattered, but the world is randomly generated with lots of materials on and under the surface.

There are preset building designs that need certain material to make, yet the challenge of having to dig down deep into the planet to gather these resources had me preparing for toxins from plants and pitfalls to my death.

Materials help build machinery from platforms, smelter, and resource devices to rovers and ships that can further the player’s journey beyond the stars and across the planets exoskeleton.

Storms on the surface of the planets made me rush into the cover of my base or rover as well as even dig holes to hide from debris that could kill me, which was a fun part of the exterior of the world. When feeling bored of digging downward my aim was higher as I adventured to the tallest peaks and other planets for more interesting bases to build.

Recently, “Astroneer” has had an overhaul in mechanics, graphics, and looks of almost every piece of equipment the player has. Of course, there are some things that need to be changed in the game that I find would be annoying to the average gamer.

Non-playable characters are not present in the game, but that did not stop me from bringing a friend to play the game online. Camera angles are still wonky sometimes getting objects the player picks up in their way and confusing them while stuck in tiny areas, but of course, that could be fixed.

Falling damage is confusing to how high the damage actually takes a toll, yet this is still a fair mechanic.

Still, in game-preview, “Astroneer” is still being worked on, but that is where this game strives because of how well the creators listen to their fans. When a player has new ideas about what they would like to see or problems with Astroneer the company will listen.

All anyone has to do is join the forum for the game and share their ideas on what would make the game better, which the creators take into consideration.

While still being unfinished this game holds a lot of fun in the art and idea of joining your buddies on a voyage. Taking on the darkness of the planet to gather materials was a challenge at times, but the aesthetics of riding your rover across a valley under the beautiful night sky was 4 out of 5 stars’ worthy.

“Astroneer” is not bad for a $20 game on Xbox One’s game-preview, so go on an adventure through poly art space and help out the System Era team to make the perfect game for you.