Amity Road and 67 Grill

Where to hang and what to listen to

Story by Zac Walthall, Student Reporter

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In a small area like Arkadelphia, despite being a two-college town, there is almost nothing to do during the week. Most places close somewhere around nine or ten o’clock, largely defeating any sort of nightlife before it even begins.

Most students and residents usually have to resort to walking around Walmart, backroading, or staying in when attempting to overcome the boredom of southern living. This slump has not gone unnoticed by the owners of the 67 Grill, a burger shack and bar that was opened relatively recently in downtown Arkadelphia.

They have made a valiant effort to revitalize the scene, bringing in music acts, DJs, and hosting karaoke and open mic nights across the board. These shows come along with a slew of merriment, as the crowd only grows more and more lively as their bar tabs skyrocket.

One of these acts is Amity Road, a southern rock and country band that has its roots in Arkadelphia. I caught up with the band’s drummer, a junior Innovative Media major named Forrest Talley.

According to Talley, the group got their start via a mutual connection obtained by attending Henderson State University. Talley also went on to say that every member of the group is also heavily invested in the campus Greek Life, covering all three of the Interfraternity Council groups on campus.

Though one might think that these allegiances could breed animosity, that does not seem to be the case, as the group has already book more gigs, being scheduled to play May 12 at the Rev Room in Little Rock for the third time since the band’s inception.

Talley estimated there was approximately two hundred people in the venue, providing a good audience for a night of music enjoyment.

“It was really fun seeing so many people show up to a local gig like this. It’s always nice to play in front of your home crowd. Thank you so much for the support and come see us at the Rev Room in Little Rock on May 12 at 8 p.m.!”