The ones who help you succeed

Brittnee Dinger's passion for teaching

Story by Rae Dinger, Student Reporter

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It’s often said that the youngest minds are the most impressionable. We as a society entrust young minds in the hands of teachers, one of the most important people in our lives, whether or not we realize it.

We’ve all had that one teacher who made a certain impact on our lives that we remember years later. Brittnee Dinger, a senior education major, hopes to one day make the same sort of impact on her future students.

“I’m most passionate about teaching,” said Dinger, “It takes a certain type of person to be one, just as it takes a certain type of person to be a doctor or an artist. There is so much that a teacher has to do on a daily basis to have a successful classroom, and to teach the people in it.”

As students, we never truly realize how hard a teacher’s job is. There are so many behind the scenes factors that come together to build a lesson plan, activity, or assignment.

I then asked Dinger what made her decide to become a teacher: “I decided I wanted to be one during my senior year of high school, after I sat down one night and realized how much of an impact my previous teacher had had on me.”

Like them or hate them, nearly everyone has a story about how a teacher inspired them to do better things, or how a teacher disciplined them to a degree that might have been overkill according to the individual.

“Wanting to be a teacher has altered my view of our education system and every teacher I had through grade school,” Dinger said, “I didn’t realize everything a teacher had to do just to teach one lesson.

There’s so much that goes into a single lesson plan; the time to prepare it, making sure it reaches certain standards, and seeing how the material can be presented to meet the needs of the students.”

I asked if she had any supporters about her passion for teaching, as there are some people out there who don’t see teaching as a lucrative career path.

“My family and friends are all very supportive of my decision to be a teacher,” she replied, “I’ve been able to get through a lot due to their support.”

I then asked her how she’d sway people into becoming interested in her passion for teaching.

“If you’re passionate about waking up every morning and teaching a classroom full of young minds, leaving each day knowing you’re planting the seeds for the minds of the future, then teaching is the job for you,” she said, “As a future teacher, the best advice I can give is to make sure that you realize you’re your students hero and biggest role model.

“One word, action, or lesson can be retained by each of them, and you need to be sure it’s something you would be proud knowing they remembered.”

Dinger then closed with this: “Teaching is something that not everyone is cut out for. For those it is, however, it’s the most rewarding feeling to know that your students are able to move to the next grade level with so much more knowledge that you were able to teach them.”

The next time you go to bash a teacher or a professor for not having your last assignment graded on time, or decide to zone out of a lesson, remember. Remember the hard work that goes into everything you’re taught, and give thanks to the teachers who made it possible for you to succeed.