Bryson Thresher

Four years in intramurals

Story by Toryano Carrigan, Student Reporter

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Bryson Lane “Shiloh” Thresher is one of the many student faces of Intramurals. Thresher is a senior physical education major.

“I’m Pat’s main guy. Everybody knows me because I’ve been here so long,” Thresher said, referring to Patrick Shepard Jr., the director of intramurals.

Thresher says his current job in intramurals is a paid position. He called it a ten-of-ten job, “We have a lot of fun here. Every day out on a field or a court, doing the job and having fun while doing it. It has its days but what job doesn’t,” Thresher told. The job is a fall and spring semester position and he has worked every semester.

This is his fourth year in intramurals and he has always been a Reddie. “I started from the bottom, now I’m here,” Thresher said about living on campus for four years. As a freshman he lived in Newberry.

His sophomore and junior year he moved up to West Hall. Finally in his last year, Thresher resides at Ridgepoint apartments.

Comparing dorms to apartments, “It’s definitely more complex so to say. You can ‘live’ a lot more as far as cooking and being free; developing life skills,” he said.

After graduation, he plans to leave Arkansas and apply as a coach and math teacher at a school in Texas.

If you want to get to know Byson Lane Thresher a little more, aka Shiloh, check him out at Dunn Rec Center or at intramural outdoor events.