Fortnite Battle Royale

Opinion byJerry Crowe, Student Reporter

Get on the bus and join a ginormous community of players in a cartoon and comic styled battle royale video game. Epic Games, the creators of the Gear of War series and Unreal Tournament, created Fortnite Battle Royale following the booming popularity of online battle survival video games.

One hundred players drop from an air balloon carried school bus, but only one player or team can come out of this conflict. Armed with a pickaxe to gather supplies with the player parachutes onto this sizeable map in search of a gun to take on the competition.

With Fortnite there is ranked value on the loot one gathers so an orange sniper rifle will do more damage than a blue sniper rifle. The ranking goes from white (lowest), green, blue, purple, to orange (highest).

Consumables can make the difference between life and death or a good stealthy portable bush to take with you.

Gathering materials can help built to get to unreachable heights or escape a bullet storm from clashing players by building forts out of wood, brick, and metal. Clash with or against your friends and random people online in the free to play battle royale game.

If being free is not enough, Fortnite Battle Royale matches are unpredictable at times and fun to play as the numbers dwindle down to the last one. Other than a victory, cosmetics and dances for the player are the only other things a player gets from leveling up.

Winning is fun with some rewards coming each season, but the true use of leveling up comes with the battle pass, which boosts XP (experience points) more than 50 times the average players and more rewards for the low price of $10.00.

Regardless of the battle pass Fortnite is pleasing to jump into and easy to learn as well as free to play, so nothing wrong with giving this game a try.

Duos and Squads were more enjoyable having friends to play with, but solo had some enjoyable moments getting a win or coming close only to taste defeat.

Every game was a lesson with different results and new players.

Fortnite Battle Royale is an entertaining addition to the online battle survival community, which is kept updated enough to improve on flaws, so I give this game a 4 out of 5.

Play for free and lose nothing but time.