McBride and Adams, junior musicians

Andrew McBride in front of his spectators.

Photo by Randy Johnson, Student Reporter

Andrew McBride in front of his spectators.

I experienced wonder the other night. At a student recital of all places, but it still happened.

At 7:30 on Tuesday April 3rd in Hardwood Recital Hall in the Russell Fine Arts building, two juniors performed their junior recital in front of friends, family, and a student reporter. The two juniors, Emelia Adams and Andrew McBride, both played instruments from the brass family with McBride playing euphonium and Adams on the French horn. Then, the two switched one after the other until intermission with McBride out first.

Now I’m sure it’s been talked about before but the sound in Hardwood is amazing as it allows for the sound to just fill the whole room up no matter where you are sitting and for brass players it did not sound overblown. The sound was sort of comforting in a way with a warm texture to it. Whenever I hear euphonium or French horn it takes me back to a place of nostalgia because I focused on those two instruments for six years of my life and is always just so pleasant to hear, but enough about me remembering because I can actually hear my hip popping out of place and back to the players.

McBride and Adams both played and provided a wonderful experience for all in attendance and after the recital they were met in the lobby with love and praise from their peers. To both players, I wish both players good luckfor their next performance but I already know they are going to do great so why waste it on someone who doesn’t need it?