Dating in Arkadelphia

A guide to romance and leisure

Story by Walker Walthall, Student Reporter

With the spring semester coming to a close, it could be your last chance to take that person you have had a crush on for the entire semester out on a date. Dates can be hard to plan, because not only do you want to have a good time, but you also want to do something memorable. Here are a few date ideas that will guarantee that your date will remember you.

Arkadelphia does not have a lot to do, but one thing it does have is beautiful natural scenery. With the temperatures rising it would be a great idea to take advantage of this scenery and take your date on a picnic. Whether it is at

The Bluff or Lake Degray a picnic provides an open but intimate environment for you and your date to get to know each other.

If you have a little extra cash renting some hammocks from the rec center could make the date a little more fun.

With Peter and the Starcatcher coming up this weekend a great opportunity has fallen right into the laps of any romantics. Dinner, then a show is a classic date formula that has worked for many years. Call ahead and reserve your tickets to make sure that you and your date get good seats, and then afterwards take them out to ice cream.

This is a great idea for people that are nervous about running out of things to talk about, because after the show you can always bring up what you did and didn’t like about it.

Caddo Valley has an abnormally large flea market. Instead of looking at it as a place of old stuff nobody wants, look at it as an opportunity. You and your date could explore the flea market for however long you like, but after you have looked over everything the real fun begins.

Set a spending limit, so say 10 dollars, and then you and your date each find something for the other person in the flea market and buy it for them. This will not only make for a fun time, but it will also give you and your date something to remember the date by.

Now again Arkadelphia does not have a lot to do, but if you are willing to make the trip to Hot Springs there are fun things to do there as well.

An escape room is always a fun date. You and your date have to work together to escape this room, giving you both a sense of togetherness. There are plenty of escape rooms in Hot Springs to choose from, so finding one available when you want your date to be, will be easy.

Downtown Hot Springs in itself is an adventure. So if you and your date want to, exploring the downtown area could take up a good part of the day. Touring the bathhouse, feeling the hot spring, going inside The Arlington, taking a 4-D adventure, and a lot of other things together could make for a fun cheap date.