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Story by Hailee Taylor, Student Reporter

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An example of one of the tweets from the Reddie Column.

On March 22nd, three anonymous Henderson students came together and created the Twitter handle, @ReddieColumn. The Reddie Column is a place for HSU students to post anonymously about events happening on campus, or to gossip about their peers and organizations on campus. The page’s popularity grew fast.

“Honestly [the popularity] was very surprising, because this was just something we started for fun” said one of the creators of the page.

In an anonymous interview, one of the creators spoke on the reasoning behind the initial creation of the account.

“We wanted to start this page because we wanted to hear what the students had to say. Other universities have the same thing but this is strictly for fun and humor. We understand that when we get a direct message that it can possibly tear another person down.”

One problem that platforms like these can sometimes have is the power of the anonymity. People tend to get more aggressive and hurtful with their words when they can hide behind a computer screen, however, the Reddie Column has been pretty fair about filtering out the more hateful direct messages-or DMs-that they receive.

“Believe it or not, we get at least 10 DMs a day. The three of us usually vote on whether we should use it or not. If it’s funny, of course, but the negative ones we’ve been getting are a different story.”

Although most of the tweets posted get good feedback, or laughs, there have been a few misunderstandings about what has been posted, and the creators of the Reddie Column have had too straighten a few things out.

“We don’t want to demean an organization [or individual] but we will call people out if they start sending hateful comments like we have received before. Anything that is in quotations are things that we have been sent. If it’s not in quotes, those are our words.”

The creators of the Reddie Column have chosen to remain anonymous as they continue to be the voice of Henderson State students and have no plans of revealing their identities anytime soon.

“We have kept [our identities] between us. Maybe one day we will reveal ourselves, but until then… keep the DMs coming!”

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