A short dialogue on “The Cloverfield Paradox”

Opinion by Pete Tubbs Editor in Chief


 If you didn’t know, at the Super Bowl this week, an ad for the new film “The Cloverfield Paradox” was released. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. 

Previously known as “The God Particle,” this film is the third in the critically and commercially successful “Cloverfield” film series. Fans have been wondering when the trailer for this would show up, and last night not only brought the first trailer, it also delivered the full movie. 

You read that right. In an ad, a film that was poised for a major thatrical release a couple of months ago, was announced that it’d premiere that night on Netflix. 

This is a genius marketing scheme. It practically changes the entire playing field on how movies can be marketed and released these days. 

I was hugely excited at the prospect of having a film that I was truly looking forward to being released completely unexpectedly. Now was the movie good? Well, that’s a completely different rant. 

Regardless, Netflix has changed the game once again and I’m look

ing forward to how Hollywood’s gonna react. For an even longer rant, check out my new podcast “Pete’s Picks on Netflix,” due out next week.