Phi Beta Sigma’s open mic night

Last week, the Sigs helped campus rock

Story by Richard Cox, Student Reporter

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Phi Beta Sigma’s Open Mic Night on Wednesday was, more than anything, interesting. Despite being advertised as starting at 7:00 p.m. in the on-campus student diner, the Reddie Cafe, festivities didn’t begin until almost an hour past the advertised start.

The setup was rather crude, consisting of a karaoke machine that participants sang directly into, following along with lyrics displayed on a screen behind the performer. This created an awkward situation, as all those singing faced their back to the audience in order to follow along.

This was compounded by the fact that the backing track and lyric video were being broadcast from two separate devices, making it virtually impossible to sync the two up. Words scrolled along endlessly, surpassing the music and confusing almost everyone who took the stage.

Nevertheless, there were several good performances that came of the veritable technological debacle. Those in attendance witnessed several creative renditions of popular music, singing along merrily with the last-minute supergroups that had formed.

My favorite was a two person rendition of “It’s All Over” from Academy Award-nominated film Dream Girls, in which one person played Jennifer Hudson’s character Effie White, while her compatriot played every other character in the scene. Other notable performances were the recitation of original poetry and a handful of poorly-censored trap tunes.

To conclude, if anything like this is to happen again, there must be some changes made. Not beginning on time and lack of proper technological set-up more than likely turned away more than a few that would have stayed.

Regardless of the shortcomings on behalf of those hosting the event, it seemed to be enjoyed by all those fortunate enough to see their fellow students take the stage.