DCB and Dominoes

Dominoes might let students buy pizzas with their DCB

Story by Zoe Stradiota, Student Reporter

DCB; what is it, and why is it important? DCB stands for declining card balance and it is the money on student IDs that we can use for the various shops in Garrison.

There are many different meal plans with different number amounts of swipes for the cafeteria with different amounts of DCB to spend. The money spent on students’ meal plans is used to actually buy the food we eat in the cafeteria.

Students are already use DCB for Starbucks and Chick-fil-A, but how nice would it be to be able to spend DCB on food off campus? The store manager of Dominos (located at 3120 Pine Street inside the winner’s Circle gas station), Brandon Raley thinks it would be a good idea to allow students to use their DCB at his store.

If this were to happen, Brett Powell, Vice President for Finance and Administration says meal plan prices may increase by two percent, but students would also be getting around a 10 percent discount at the store.

“Sodexo does partner with off campus retail locations. It really is a partnership between the two companies.

They have to agree on a price. Because Sodexo is the middleman in the arrangement, there has to be some price concession because Sodexo is now turning dollars over that would go to their own retail operations, but they’re just shifting that over to someone else,” says Powell.

Basically the decision to pair up with Dominos allowing students to spend their DCB there, is not up to the school, but really it is up to Sodexo. If this were to happen, “Dominos, or whoever, would just become another meal option as part of the plan.”

Powell says they may be looking to incorporate other popular retail off campus to pair with, so students have more options to where they spend their DCB. All of this is, of course, going to take some time and will not be available until at least next year.

More things Powell said they are looking to change is making less expensive meal plan options for students who live off campus and commute, they are looking to expand the Reddie grill, have more options at the Reddie-to-go, and even possibly serving breakfast at Chick-fil-A.

Many students on campus love Dominos and love the idea of being able to use their DCB for good pizza. The only thing to do now is to wait for the developments to happen.