Wait ‘till I get my money right: Student discounts in Hot Springs

Story by Alisha Davis Student Reporter


 Ever wonder how to save a little extra money here and there? Hot Springs is the perfect place to start. 

All you need is a valid student ID and enough confidence to ask for a discount. 

Restaurants in Hot Springs that give Student discounts:

Buffalo Wild Wings– 10% off 

IHOP– 10% off

Subway– 10% off 

Dunkin Donuts– 10% off 

TCBY– 15% off 

Stores in Hot Springs, Arkansas that give Student discounts:

Goodwill– 10% off

Kroger– 5% off

AT&T– 10% off

Sam’s Club– membership discount

American Eagle– 20% off 

FedEx– 20% off shipping 

Activities in Hot Springs, Arkansas that you can do at a discount:

Cinamark Movie Theater- special ticket pricing 

AMC Movie Theater– discounted tickets on Thursdays 

If you’re looking for a discount at a specific store, the app Groupon is a great place to start. It gives you up to date coupons and discounts near your current location. 

The absolute most important thing is to get out there and ask for discounts. You never know where one might be hiding.