Never mind the Christmas spirit — this writer is looking for some of that old-time Reddie spirit

Brandon Scott, Guest Writer

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Friends, Reddies, Countrymen, lend me your ears, I come to bury this semester, not to praise it There are many things this semester that I never thought would happen and so many things that I knew would.

Lets start at the beginning. Welcome Week 2002 — an actual success this year. In years past, it’s been terrible, with the exception of the hypnotist that comes every single year. (Is he the only one in the country?) Moving along, the comedian was great. I would say that it was one of the best acts that HSU has had in several years. I don’t believe I have heard the “F-Word” used that many times in one sitting; and needless to say, the conservatives here on campus went crazy! Hmmm, that reminds me.

Speaking of offensive things on campus, wow, I didn’t ever think that my “Top Ten” list would raise such controversy. Dean Sommer, I’m sorry that I messed up your “image campaign.” The list was meant for laughter, not for vulgarity. I don’t know whether more people talked about it while it was getting published or now after they have taken it out. But, liberal readers, don’t fret, there is talk of a returning list and if interested, let the Oracle know.

Let’s see, continuing through the semester, we come to rush. (I thought we did, at least.) This year it was absolutely awful. It wasn’t Steve’s fault or the Greeks, I think campus involvement just went to crap.

I mean, look at the pep rallies! (I guess that what we called them, I don’t know where the “pep” was or the band for that matter.) Steve Elder has tried his best to make things work this semester, and no one will support him. I’ll be the first to admit, I thought the “Survivor” theme was not the best thing in the world, but at least I told him that.

And the cheerleaders (I guess that is what they are), or maybe spirit squad, or hell, they’re cute girls in cute uniforms, oh yeah and John, too. They would be okay if someone besides a few others and I supported them. (That was for you, Broadnax). My favorite thing is when people bitch about the squad and they have been to maybe one or two football games and if they went, I can guarantee they didn’t cheer for the Reddies, they were cheering for the opposing team to break 100.

Speaking of attendance, everyone raise your hands. When I name an event you weren’t at, put your hands down: the Homecoming Ceremony, the Hypnotist, the Pine Tree Speech, the Battle of the Ravine (the whole thing, not just half of it, wow, that was a lot of folks), any volleyball game, Midnight Madness, a pep rally. I only see about five hands still raised and mine is down, too!

What happened to the _______(insert derogatory word) Reddie Spirit? Do we have to win five football games to actually stand up and clap for our football team? How many people called me a fool for saying at the beginning of the season that this year would be different? How many true fans do the Reddies have? Not many! What about the basketball team? What will happen when they aren’t winning every game? How many people will be there? The attendance at the Jarvis Christian game was embarrassing for one of the best teams in the nation!

Another thing, I hear so many people say that the Greeks do not attend anything on campus anymore. OH MY GOSH!!! We are the only ones on this campus who do anything at all. How many times have you seen the Smith Hall Council come to a football game together; and if they do, they’re probably Greek. We are not the only organizations on campus. There are over 100, but about 15 of those get singled out! Why doesn’t the Biology Club or the Yo-Yo and Juggling Club attend a few events? Over half of SGA is Greek. Over half of SAB is Greek, but ironically, over half of the school population is not! That says something for Greeks right there.

But not all to be said is positive for Greeks this semester. I thought this would be one of those years where everyone would get along. Boy, was I wrong. Fists fights, bump and grind, and a few gun shots to go with it are three terms to describe the fraternity parties this year. I have never seen so much animosity between frats (and some sororities, but cat fights are OK). I thought we were in college, not in high school.

I am amazed at not only the Greeks, but also the other organizations on campus. It is a contest to see who is the best. Does it really matter?

Something else I hear people discuss is the lack of “big events” on our campus. Well, being on the Student Activities Board, I feel like I can explain this. You see, we could bring acts like Nelly or Jamie Foxx to campus, but you have no clue at what it would do.

Here is a small list of the things that would be gone: Welcome Week, the Hypnotist, Spring Fling, Comedians, Poets, free admission to football games, free admission to school plays, or free admission to anything on campus at that. If you weren’t Greek, there would be nothing for you to do. But I guess several of you would sacrifice all this for only one night of fun! Wow, that amazes me. Moving on.

I’m running out of time, because I’ve got to go to a basketball game (I’m Greek by the way), so I close with this: I challenge everyone this next semester to attend events on campus. If you would come, they aren’t as bad as you think. Root on your home team.

Show some spirit or at least show up. Be proud of the school that you chose to attend. This is one of the best damn schools in the region The decision to attend Henderson was one of the smartest decisions of my life. I have one semester left, don’t ruin it.

When I came three years ago, I saw something in this school, it might sound crazy, but I think it was the Reddie Spirit. We need to bring it back, because if we don’t have the heart we once had it will never be put back together. For there no longer is a “School with a Heart,” but now, the heart has been broken and the pieces are beginning to crumble away.