Test Run Car of the Year

Jayson Lowery, Features Writer

Well, here we are again for one last time. Some of you are rejoicing (lord knows I am), others are singing to the heavens in praise that the torment has ended, and maybe one of you out there who actually reads this column (excluding my mother) will miss it.

But either way…HA HA HA HA HA HA I got printed and you didn’t. Anyway, let’s discuss the car of the year.

The Test Run Team (by the way the Team consists of only two people, and we both are very important, just ask us) decided on the Ford Expedition for a variety of reasons.

For one, it is $50,000 and we like to dream, but for others reasons, listed in past Test Runs, it has some kick butt features. Let’s name them.

1. Instead of a radio with a tuner and knobs, what you see is a flat screen. That’s right. Everything is on a computer screen including: radio, navigation maps and CD controller. And for you videogame fans some of these bad boys come equipped with DVD players and screen in the back that are Playstation compatible.

2. The pedals of the SUV actually will adjust forward or backward to accommodate short and tall people without forcing them to move their seat. A hands free jack is in place for a cell phone, which is routed through the speakers of the vehicle.

3. The sound system in this baby is off the roof. The six CD changer allows you to construct a tune library for your ride and six speakers create a great surround sound atmosphere.

4. Randy Sharpe was a rocking car salesman and let me burn rubber behind the wheel.

5. It’s my article so I get to choose the car of the year. (See, sometimes it pays to be an idiot.)

Get Ready…

It’s been an awesome experience, driving hot vehicles and writing about them. Not to mention the girls those car dealers and I were able to pick up. (Just kidding, geez people get a life and find something else to gossip about)

Get Set…

And so I make my leave. Until next time (if ever) have a great life and make lots of money so you can see my new friend, Randy Sharpe. And make sure you get a vehicle with one of those cool computer thingies in it. Well, with all that said.

Go! Its time to drive.