Letter to the Editor: Fix the hill or pay the consequences

Kay-Kay Davis, Communications major

The hill beside Caplinger – you know, the one where everyone parks – is an extreme hazard to students that travel up and down it every day.

The short, steep hill is the only to walk up to Caplinger if you park on University Street, unless you walk all the way around to the Newberry parking lot. The hill is not only steep, but very slick when it rains, which means it is highly likely that someone will fall and break a bone or crack their head open. It’s a miracle that it hasn’t happened yet.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve slipped and almost fallen on that hill. With all the renovations being made at Henderson, why not build some steps and a sidewalk leading up the hill to Caplinger? How much does cement cost these days? It has to be cheaper than a lawsuit, and that hill is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

If those in charge could look out for the student body by building a set of steps and a sidewalk, it would be greatly appreciated by everyone who parks on the street.