Karaoke Español: ¿Te gusta cantar?

Story by Julie Young Student Reporter


 Anyone looking for plans on Thursday that don’t involve another night of putting off homework or watching reruns of “The Office”? You’re in luck luck because “Karaoke in Spanish” is this Thursday, Feb. 15. The event will be held in the Garrison’s Wilson room from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.. 

Last year, the event was just an assignment for a Spanish course. This year, however, there is a greater focus on further establishing a Spanish-speaking presence at Henderson. 

“Songs in a second language are culturally rich resources,” stated Nydia Jeffers, Assistant Professor of Spanish. Jeffers hosts the event, offering bonus points to students who attend. 

While there are certainly an endless number of ways to learn and practice a new language, karaoke in particular is an effective method. 

“Second language acquisition of phonology and vocabulary has been found to be reinforced with music,” stated Jeffers. “The repetitive nature of songs leads to greater vocabulary recall and retention.” 

Not only does karaoke help linguistically, but it also encourages the appreciation of other cultures. At the same time it still manages to create an environment that makes learning as exciting as it can be. 

“Since songs are like conversations; the atmosphere in this setting is relaxed,” stated Jeffers. “It is also beneficial in building community, and in the second year, it may very well build a tradition.” 

Song requests can be sent to Jeffers prior to the event. All that’s needed to participate is the will and enthusiasm to trying someone new. 

“[Songs] move second language learners to higher self-confidence and enthusiasm to try out more learning strategies and styles,” stated Jeffers. “You don’t have to have musical training to sing along.”