Wilderness 101: What can you learn from Casidy Jackson and the Rec Center?

Story by Cassidy Witherspoon Student Reporter


 Small town Arkadelphia. 

No bowling alley, skating rink or movie theater. 

There must be something to do around here other than going to the same party every Thursday. 

Well, Arkadelphia actually has more to offer than you would think, but it involves a little thing called adventure. 

Henderson’s rec is the place to go if you are seeking out something to do here in town, but none of the on-campus activities sound too exciting. 

Casidy Jackson, Henderson’s own outdoor recreation specialist, shines a light on what HSU has to offer in terms of outdoor activities. Jackson is quite the credible source for all things outdoors being that he has been backpacking for 20 years and kayaking for ten. Jackson’s credibility is only boosted by the fact that he was in the Marines for four years. 

“You’ve seen those hikers, the ones who have a huge backpack and like three things connected to it,” Jackson said, “You don’t want to be one of those guys, you want to learn how to pack so it isn’t killing your back.” 

Jackson can give you the skinny on how to pack light, how to properly ride a mountain bike, and even how to fix it if something were to go wrong. 

The HSU rec has plenty to offer almost any student in terms of outdoor fun. 

They offer mountain bikes, backpacks, river tubes, cooking stoves, and hammocks for rent; all at a very good price. 

If roasting some marshmallows on Degray doesn’t perk your ears, Henderson has a ton of outdoor games such as Baggos, Horseshoes, Kan-Jam, and even a new game called Chippo. 

So whether you’re tired of every day and every night be the exact same, or you just have a love for nature, HSU’s rec outdoor program probably has something for you.