Letter to the editor: MoJoe Row is a ‘waste of ink’

Catherine Moore

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In response to MoJoe Row’s waste of space and ink concerning “real bikers,” I have never seen such blatant pettiness, insecurity, jealous whining and ignorance. What I got out of that “article” was:

(1) you didn’t get a particular parking space because a motorcycle had parked there first, and you’re going to steal some gas the next time it happens;

(2) you are threatened by guys who are better groomed and better looking than yourself (“. . . idiot posers with short, blond hair and pretty faces . . .”);

(3) you are jealous of anyone who has the financial means to pursue an interest; and, finally;

(4) you are the wannabe. Your idea of what a “real biker” should be is only about 40-50 years too old . . . it’s been done. There aren’t a lot of one per centers left in the world. Grow up. Most “real bikers” nowadays are professionals in the real world.

The bloodthirsty, sadistic vision you described as something that would “. . . truly entertain me . . . ” is really disturbing. Please go out in the world instead of sitting in your black hole and find something to be enthusiastic about that doesn’t involve stealing, swastikas or broken bones.

Sometimes when I’m riding my bike on a beautiful sunny day I feel such joy and gratitude for being alive, for being able to enjoy and appreciate life, for being able to share this passion with my husband who is on his own bike in front of me, that I have honestly prayed that everyone in the world could find a passion that makes them just as happy as I am at that moment.

You meet hundreds of people along the various rides who are too old to ride anymore or too young to be riding just yet that you feel an instant bond with them regardless of the type of bike they’re talking about.

I can now add you to my prayers – that we never meet up with you and that there aren’t a lot of people out there who think like you do.