A Professor and a ROCKSTAR

Associate Professor of Communication Paul Glover rocks out in his free time. 

Story by Bunky Raines Student Reporter


 Those who don’t know Paul Glover, associate professor of communication, might not suspect his rich rock-n-roll background. Sitting in his office, however, seeing a Led Zeppelin poster and a framed concert stub that features one of his bands opening for Black Oak Arkansas, one can begin to catch a glimpse of the rock star persona that lies within. 

He has played in many bands, first in Tuscaloosa, AL, before moving to Arkansas. His current bands are Blind Opie, Redd Tape and Sensory 2. While Redd Tape and Sensory 2 are still actively playing gigs, Blind Opie may have achieved the most notoriety. 

Playing alongside Glover in Blind Opie is Michael Taylor, professor and chair of communication and theatre arts. According to Taylor, they were once glared at briefly by Joan Jett after they opened for her at Magic Springs. Marck Beggs, professor of English, responded to the incident stating “Joan Jett can glare at me any day of the week.” From Taylor’s tone, however, one might get the idea that it wasn’t the kind of glare anyone would want directed at them. 

“When Paul Glover was interviewing for a job teaching mass media here in 2005,” Taylor said. “I jokingly asked him ‘What instrument do you play?’ Without missing a beat he said, ‘lead guitar.’ 

Blind Opie may have been born in that moment.” Other band members include David Stoddard, professor of art, and John Greene, assistant professor of business. 

“Our crown jewel achievement,” Glover said “Is when we opened up for Black Oak Arkansas at Juanita’s.” He then presented a framed concert stub with the words Black Oak Arkansas w/ Blind Opie and added “My mom thinks I’m a rockstar because of that.” 

Blind Opie still jams every now and then, according to Taylor, but doesn’t play gigs anymore. Glover’s other bands are still active, though. 

Redd Tape, fronted by Megan Earnhart and featuring the very talented Josh Sabo on drums, played the Arlington in Hot Springs last week. 

Sabo said they’re currently looking for a bass player. He mentioned grad student Zac Walthall as a good candidate. “I’m definitely interested in any music job that can start generating income,” Walthall said. 

Sabo reflected on a time when Redd Tape played live on the news. “It was terrifying,” he said. “It was cold and the stings kept going out of tune.”

Those curious about upcoming gigs or just interested in the band can visit their website, www.reddtape.com. They can also be found on Reverbnation and Facebook. 

Sensory 2, fronted by Leah Sexton, academic advisor, played Oaklawn last month. Band members include Kevin Pumphrey on vocals and bass and Ashton Kidder on drums. They have a Facebook page, as well. 

One might wonder how Glover has the time to be in three bands and keep up with his responsibilities at Henderson. That kind of dedication requires a deep love of music. 

“He’s a terrific musician,” said Taylor “And has been a great colleague, band mate and friend.”