Penny Pinchers

Amy Damron

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Movies are the staple to American entertainment. You go on a date to see a movie and have dinner, you come home and watch a movie with some popcorn, or you go to see a movie and spend a day at the mall. But movie prices can get a bit expensive, so here is a look at just a few ways to save a few bucks without draining your wallet.

Netflix is an easy and inexpensive way to rent movies. There are different plans to choose from that range from $5.99 a month to $29.99.

The plan that costs $5.99 includes one DVD at a time, but limits you to two movies per month. If you pay for the $29.99 plan, you get an unlimited number of DVDs a month along with five DVDs at a time.

No matter what plan you choose, there are never any shipping charges.

There are absolutely no late charges. Keep the movie for as long as you want and return it in a prepaid envelope.

There are more than 65,000 movies to choose from. That is nearly five times the inventory of a normal movie retail store.

The one downside to Netflix is that you do not get the movies that you want on the day you want them.

Let’s say you like the price of Netflix, but do not like the wait. If you can sacrifice a few bucks and not have to deal with the wait, you could go and rent a movie from Movie Gallery.

To rent a movie from Movie Gallery you only pay $5.95, but you have to return the movie five days after you rent it. There are no monthly fees- you pay as you rent the movies of your choice.

There are late fees and you have a limited number of days in which to return the movies, but there is no waiting for the movie you want to watch to come through the mail. And you choose what you will rent on the day you want to watch them.

Movie Gallery does have a limited selection and might not have the old classics, but new releases should not be hard to find.

Renting really does not appeal to you, but you love movies. And thinking about them makes you want to go out and buy one.

Wal-Mart sells movies for $19.95 or less. There are no return dates, no late fees and no monthly charges. You keep the movie forever.

If you wait long enough, you can pick up your favorite movies in the $5.50 bin. If the movie is left on the shelf long enough, then they have to get rid of it, so they slash the price. Why should you not cash in on that?

You are an old fashioned person and you like going to movies at the theatre. You like the loud surround sound, popcorn and sodas, and you like the price of the $5.50 matinees or $7.50 for adults at nights. Go to the Behind the Mall Cinema in Hot Springs, because there you will find the new releases and the best prices for movies.

They also have nighttime tickets for children (ages 2-11) and senior adults for the same price of $5.50.

Whatever you like or whatever saves you a few bucks, that is what it is all about. Penny pinchers will do anything to save just a few pennies.