Men & football players:

Deborah Sesser

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I don’t have a problem with motorcyclists. I don’t have a problem with Texans. I don’t have a problem with black people.

I do have a problem with people who park in the middle of the road and expect other cars to simply drive around them. I was recently forced to drive around two 4-wheel drive trucks parked in front of me at an intersection because the two people in those respective trucks decided the intersection of Caddo and 12th Street was conducive to their conversation.

Saturday I waited behind those two 4-wheel drive trucks while the males proceeded to motion me around their vehicular obstruction. What irritated me even further was that when I refused to go around the trucks one of the males, a Henderson football player who was benched this past game, walked around to our car to ask me what my problem was in not driving around them. After cursing at us for trying to adhere to the rules and avoid an accident, we finally drove around them once the other vehicles had driven past.

Both trucks had Texas license plates, but, since I do have Texan friends who still manage to observe Arkansas traffic laws, I will not assume these guys were incapable of doing the same simply because they were from Texas. That leaves me with the obvious deduction- it is either the presence of testosterone or placement on the football roster that leaves an individual incapable of following simple traffic rules or being civil.