My problem with black people

Joe Phelps

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Now that I’ve upset the bikers and the Texans, it’s time to take it a step further.

I have a huge problem with black people. But I haven’t always had a problem with them.

I guess this problem came about sometime in the 90’s. I don’t know if it happened with rap music, backward caps, or big rims.

Black people, answer this question: why do you let white people try to take over what you create time after time?

Rap and hip-hop music were an original contribution to American culture from black people. I’m no connoisseur of rap music, but I know that it surfaced sometime in the mid-70’s.

And then, about two decades later (if not sooner), the white man once again decided to take over what the black man created.

Maybe my problem started with backward caps or big rims. But I think backward caps and big rims were both a product of rap music.

But what matters is this: they were just a small piece of black culture that the white man tried to steal.

There’s a whole list of things white guys have stolen from black guys. Souped-up cars (including 20-inch rims, spinning rims and bass-blasting sound systems), sagging pants, oversized jerseys and shirts, street ball, hair braiding, dreadlocks, freak dancing, cigarillo smoking, slang, handshakes and jewelry.

First, Caucasians forced the black man into slavery for a couple of centuries. Then white people stole and destroyed your original African culture by forcing slaves to conform to Christianity. They even made them think that Jesus Christ himself was a white man. What a joke.

What’s more, even after granting you freedom, you were pushed around with the Jim Crow laws and discrimination. The white man called you nigger for years.

Now you’re calling each other “niggas”. And I’ve noticed that white men are calling you “nigga” in a friendly fashion. What’s going on here? How can that word turn friendly, especially coming from a Caucasian?

The black man has fought the white man’s war time after time with promises of freedom or better treatment, which didn’t come when it should have.

The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, both World Wars, Vietnam, and now Iraq. And for what? (On a side note, I don’t think that even the poor, white man should be fighting these wars, either. White politicians started them, so why don’t they fight them?)

The black man stayed strong and finally started getting treated a little better. And now that the black man has shone in sports and music, you’ve let the white man sneak up on you and copy what you’re great at and steal what you created. Shame on you. And furthermore, shame on the white man. I don’t know who the bigger cretins are.

I am a culprit of this crime to some extent. I listen to rock music. If it weren’t for the blues and R&B, there would have been no rock ‘n’ roll or rock music (and yes – there is a difference between the two genres).

If it weren’t for Lois Jordan or the Mills Brothers, there would be no Jerry Lee Lewis, no Elvis, no Beatles, no Bob Dylan, no Led Zeppelin or Eric Clapton. And without those guys, there would be no Tom Petty, no Guns N Roses, no Pearl Jam, no Wallflowers, no System of a Down or The Strokes. So I have to say “thanks,” but you still do it better.

The black man has something the white man will never have: style and soul.

So how long are you going to let the white man play around with your culture? I have an idea: you show the white man how cheesy he really is when he tries to be black. Laugh at him when he freak-dances or when you see him driving down the street with Mike Jones blaring from the back seat. Laugh at him when he wears his cap backward. Just laugh at him for the hell of it, because he deserves to be laughed at. Laugh at me for writing these cheesy columns. Hang your Malcolm X flag from your window on the fifth story of Newberry and see if white guys start doing the same.

I am not trying to re-segregate the blacks from the whites or jump-start Helter-Skelter. I just want the white man to know his boundaries and respect black culture instead of trying to take it over every time.

I thought Texans were the devil. I was wrong.

The white man is the devil.