From Nazis to Snowflakes: How to become less one-sided


Opinion by Bunky Raines Contributing Reporter


 In the ocean of objectivity, it can be hard to keep your head above water with FOX news and MSNBC spewing tidal waves of propaganda. 

If you’re not even trying to swim, you’re bound to drown. 

It’s human nature to accept the ideology you were handed and demonize those who haven’t accepted it. Tribalism, the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group, has been around as long as humans. 

To rise above this brute mentality takes willingness to look at an issue from different angles with objectivity. 

I watch right-leaning and left-leaning shows: Tucker Carlson, Stephen Colbert, Ben Shapiro, Trevor Noah, etc. and sort out for myself what’s fact and what’s one-sided BS. I feel it gives me a more informed view. 

Neither party is all good. In fact, they’re both messed up to the core. If you accept one side uncritically, you’re voluntarily blinding yourself to one side of every issue and losing sight of the big picture, which is this: both sides are trying to control what you think for political gain. 

They twist the truth. When that doesn’t work, they lie. They’re unscrupulous. They don’t really care about the issues for which they fight. They’re just vying for control of the thoughts of people who aren’t thinking for themselves. 

Either side is positively giddy to fill a thoughtless head with their own ideology. 

Some mindless fools buy everything their chosen propaganda peddler has to sell. I suspect they would kill or die, enthusiastically, if Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow said it was the thing to do. Even smart people get caught up in the mob mentality and throw rationality to the wind. I want America to be better than that. 

In his state of the union address, Donald Trump called for unity. I thought it was the best thing he could’ve said, but I watched as half the room sat thinking Trump said it so I don’t like it. I don’t blame people who don’t like Trump. I think he’s a douche, but I don’t think we should let it cloud our judgement to the point that we don’t know a good idea when we hear it. 

The growing gap between the left and the right has given regular people like you and me a reason to hate each other. It wasn’t always that way. I remember a time when, if two people had differing political opinions, they might engage in a calm, intellectual exchange. 

Now, it’s as if the whole nation has been doused in gasoline and any little spark can set it off. If things continue this way, I don’t see how we can keep from burning the whole shithouse down with us inside. 

The people I appreciate most are those with the capacity for rational thought who make their voices heard amongst the jumbled cries of ridiculous extremists who shout things like “Jews will not replace us” or “I hate racism, sexism and white men!” 

Oh, the caucasity! 

We don’t have to choose between being a Nazi or a snowflake. I suggest a third option. How about we strive to be rational and objective? 

What if we found a middle ground where we could all accept each other? Let’s stop tailoring our thinking around what political parties preach and start thinking for ourselves. We’re better than this.

 “We don’t have to choose between being a Nazi or a snowflake. I suggest a third option. How about we strive to be rational and objective?”