To be or not to be, That is not the question

Opinion by Jae-Kur Lockhart Opinions Editor


 What won’t you, as a hypothetical, or literal parent, accept from your child? 

Some say they would never allow their children to become drug addicts, some say they refuse to tolerate lying and stealing. What about if your child is gay? 

“No matter what my child is, whether it be gay or straight, I am going to love them for they are,” Dmitri Scott, senior business administration major, said. 

It would all be so peachy and dandy if all parents thought this way – or future parents for that matter. One day, I took to social media to see a question that said: how would you feel if your son came out gay? 

The responses were ruthless, a bit extreme, but honest with some examples being “I would never accept something so disgusting and immoral within the confines of my home” or “I would pay two women to rape my son.”

Whether you like it or not, those that oppose homosexuality are straight to the point. Let’s have a discussion: is it so wrong for your perfectly normal child to be gay/lesbian? 

“Besides what the bible says, what exactly is wrong with being a homosexual?” asked Jimeria Brown, sophomore health science major. 

I wished I could’ve answered that question for her. 

“I will definitely tell my child right from wrong as far as it is written in the bible because that’s what I believe in,” says educational leadership major, and graduate student John Laubacher, “but I will love them just the same, it would just take some getting used to – I cant call myself parent if I didn’t love my child.” 

When I posed this question, most of them automatically assumed I was referring to having a gay son instead of just a gay child. That raised another question in my mind – is it okay for your daughter to be gay rather than for it to be your son? 

“It may not sound fair but I would be more okay with my daughter being gay than my son – I couldn’t deal with my son being gay,” Marcus Mullins, senior human services major, said. 

Mullins said his feelings regarding this are aligned with the backlash that he feels homosexual males deal with as opposed to what a homosexual female would deal with. 

“Personally, I can see where Mullins is coming from,” Scott said, “If my daughter were gay, she might be into sports and we could relate, but what if my gay son didn’t have anything in common with me – It would be harder to build a bond, right?” 

Would it be that much of stretch to just asks your son what his hobbies and interests are as opposed to just shunning him? 

This week, I’ll let this topic simmer with some of you to think about. But while you’re thinking about whether you will accept and love your gay child while providing them with love, there are members of the LGBTQ community that take their own lives everyday because of the lack of acceptance. 

Love is so powerful that it can bring life and the absence of it can cause someone to take his or her own life – even someone else’s. 

You take your child’s life when you withdraw from them the care and compassion that they need.

 “Love is so powerful that it can bring life and the absence of it can cause someone to take his or her own life – even someone else’s.”