An artist and an alum: Jonathan Cromer returns to campus for artistic reasons

Story by Aaron O’Quin Online Editor


 Last week in the art department, an HSU alumna, Jonathan Cromer, came to our campus to make use of the art annexes old out of use metal foundry. The metal foundry has found itself majorly unused since the unexpected passing of the sculpture professor Mac Hornecker, whom passed in 2011. 

Jonathan was part of the last group of students to take classes under Professor Hornecker and had good reason for returning to HSU to use our metal foundry. 

Jonathan wished to call tribute to the passed professor by using the very same metal foundry that Hornecker used for his own work. Jonathan had in his possession a piece of Professor Horneckers last unfinished sculpture project, a mold of rock. He made use of this mold last Wednesday to create an aluminum cast and attempted a bronze cast of the rock to be made use of in his own interesting work. 

Jonathans work consists of a combination of computer engineering and traditional sculpting methods to create amazing interactive art displays. His work has been on display in the 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, and internationally as part of a traveling group exhibition, Running Towards Dreams, in the Negar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran and the Raff Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 

Maybe Jonathan’s visit is the beginning of the reigniting of HSU’s sculpture program in a new and interesting way.