What’s going on this week at HSU?

Summary by Pete Tubbs Editor in Chief


 Have you run out of homework and alcohol and are looking for some on campus fun you can have or just stuff you can help out with? Thought so. Well, included in this list is some pretty, pretty, pretty cool stuff you can use to waste time and numb your mind to your real problems for the rest of the week. 

From Feb. 28 until March 13, Alternative Breaks is hosting “Show You Care with Underwear” all day on the Garrison Street. 

The group will be headed to Nashville, Tenn. over spring break to do “service with non-profit organizations that help those in need of food and shelter.” Therefore, they need donations of packaged socks and underwear. 

On March 1 in the Grand Ball Room at 3 p.m., there will be a roundtable discussion on “Gender, Power, and ‘The Weinstein Effect.’” Join the group as they discuss these topics and try to gather some insight. 

Also on March 1 at 7 p.m., Austin Lanier will be playing in the Lecture Hall in the Garrison. He’s a Virginia born hip hop artist and he’s ready to blast the socks off of HSU. 

The SAB will be showing the multi- Academy Award Nominated film “Lady Bird” in the Lecture Hall on Friday and Sunday this weekend. Don’t miss the movie, because you can watch it and see if it wins any awards at the upcoming Oscars ceremony. 

So there you go, don’t say you don’t have anything to do for the rest of the week, because that would be a lie! There’s also a lot more going on. You just have to check out the calendar on hsu.edu to get the scoop on whats happenin’ every week.