“This game is worth the cash” : Jerry on “Ark Survival Evolved”

Opinion by Jerry Crowe Contributing Reporter


 Think back to your youth, when your imagination took you from playing with Legos and dolls to outdoors adventures such as hunting for dinosaurs in your backyard. Our childhoods were full of incredible experiences, as the world was still a new place. 

When I first picked up “Ark Survival Evolved,” six months back, I was transported back into my childhood adventures. Not only could I ride a velociraptor into battle against a saber tooth tiger, but also I could wield guns, bows, or even an army of dodos for a laugh. One of the best parts of “Ark” is the ability to jump into this mysterious world of prehistoric animals with a friend on one screen or go online and play against or with other players in PVP or PVE servers. 

“Ark Survival Evolved” is an open world role-playing game (RPG) made by Wildcard Studios. The player creates their character and spawns into deadly lands with creatures such as dinosaurs, dragons, and other creatures of historical and mythical proportion. 

Starting with sticks and stones, the player will evolve their tactics and go from helpless and naked to equipped with futuristic technology. When one wishes to go alone, stay wary, traveling in some areas are more difficult than other areas. 

“Ark” takes the wonder of what it would be like to live with beasts out of our imaginations and thrusts a survival aspect into the mix creating the fun world that can wow or frustrate anyone unlucky enough to spawn upon a level 90 dire wolf. The survival aspect of the game makes the player have to worry about keeping nourished and hydrated. 

Stamina and health regenerate with adequate levels of both, weather also plays a role of life and death whether freezing in snow or dehydrating in heat. 

Of course, there is a conclusion to the game, which is a challenge and a half. However, the main pull of the game is the base building and gathering of dinos as we strive in this harsh mystical world, so the ending is merely optional. 

Every land the player falls into is like a new world, with new experiences, from the uninhabited tropical environment of the island, to the water-deprived storm-prone lands of scorched earth or even the underground chaos that is Aberration. Recently released content is continuing to flow into “Ark” as Wildcard Studios adds their final expansion sometime this year. 

Like in any other video game, there are negative aspects. The user interface or UI can be tricky to get used to for some, and at times slows the player down. At times the AI can get stuck in trees and sometimes roamed off just to end up dead when I forgot to take them off of wonder. The last notable downfall is the paralysis effects some creatures have too much of. When a player is knocked out, it means waiting for death or for a teammate to pump them with stimberries. 

In the end, “Ark Survival Evolved” is a fun game to spend hundreds of hours on getting your fortress made and getting a strong team built to take on the next challenge. I think this game deserves more attention for what it accomplishes. I give “Ark Survival Evolved” 4 out of 5 meaning this is a game worth the cash.