Step up and stroll off: Greek organizations participated in the “Stroll Off” last week


Members of Phi Beta Sigma “strollin’” it onstage last week during Stroll Off.

Story by Ayanna Williams Student Reporter


 On the night of Feb. 22, in Garrison’s lecture hall, greek life held this year’s Stroll Off. Everyone anticipated this fundraising event as a hoard of people gathered around the doors of the lecture hall to be admitted. 

Henderson students and organizations filled the room with their cameras out, ready to cheer on and support the greek organizations scheduled to perform for the night. 

Lively music was played for the students upon entrance as well as during breaks from performances.

Members of greek organizations represented their chapter by performing a routine where they stroll through the entrance of the room and continue to perform onstage. 

With the “New School vs. Old School” concept coming into play, fraternity and sororities performed to a lot of new aged music catered to our generation. However, these groups also brought back old hits from the nineties, and in one case, gospel music. 

During breaks between performances, the DJ played songs for all sororities and fraternities to show off and represent their organization. 

These moments showcased a true stroll off as organizations strolled around their room in a “last man standing” battle. 

This event gave greek organizations to showcase their talents among the campus. This event is highly anticipated every year, so this year’s Stroll Off didn’t fail to give students on campus a night of entertainment.