Let’s get physical… or not

What does campus think about corporal punishment

Opinion by Jae-Kur Lockhart, Student Reporter

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I took to campus and asked a number of students their opinions on corporal punishment and discipline in a general sense. Below are the questions and their responses to them.

Question: If your child has repeated offenses with getting in trouble at school, how do you think you would go about handling the matter at home?

Answer: “Do you see this belt around my waist? There’s no way I am going to allow my child to embarrass me or their self.” – Deranaque Sturghill

Question: Do you believe that physical discipline yields benefits? What about negative results?

Answer: “Yes I do think that there are benefits to disciplining your child. Whether it be spanking them or whatever. I think it can keep them in line but it depends on how the child takes it. That’s what opens the doors for negative effects.” – Kally Tran, Senior Spanish Psychology major.

Question: Do you think that corporal punishment is necessary in Elementary, Middle School, and High School?

Answer: “While I do believe that discipline is ok as long as it is along the lines of suspension, detention, or whatever, I do not think that I would be ok with my child being paddled – tell me what they did wrong and I can handle it at home.” – Ashley Ward, Greek Life Graduate Assistant

Question: Do you believe that there is any correlation with corporal punishment and the number of people in prison?

Answer: “I can just say that if you start early with acting out without any manner of consequence, you may very well continue with those types of shenanigans.” – Marcus Mullins

Question: Would you consider corporal punishment as a form of abuse?

Answer: “Although it is not that black and white, I do consider it abuse. The question that really remains is if it is effective or not.” – Rickey Miller, Graduate Student.

Question: If you believe in discipline at home, would you be okay with faculty disciplining your child? Why or Why not?

Answer: “When I was in grade school, our faculty was permitted to paddle us and whatnot and my parents went through the same thing. I am not necessarily saying it’s alright to do but it didn’t have a bad bearing on me growing up.” – Markayla Wyatt

This week’s discussion is open as always so please feel free to write in and tell us your opinion on this topic.

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Let’s get physical… or not