A passion for the arts

A conversation with Savannah Reynolds

Story by Rae Dinger, Student Reporter

Photo courtesy of Savannah Reynolds.
Savannah Reynolds is one of the most talented actors currently enrolled at HSU.

Theatre is an art, one that requires complete dedication. Sure, you can read a script and repeat the words out loud, but acting, true acting, needs a passion to back it.


There needs to be emotion behind every word, every soliloquy, every monologue. Simply reading it out loud like you’ve been picked to read from the textbook in a classroom isn’t enough.

In this week’s article about passions, I interviewed Savannah Reynolds, a senior theatre major, who most might recognize as the leading lady in “I am Emily Doe.”

“I’m passionate about theatre,” said Savannah,” theatre is a way to express myself through art, which I think is so important. Theatre and the arts are always something I’ve found to be my niches in school. I’ve never had any other talents for science, math, english, or history. Theatre has always been the place where I have found myself.”

I’m sure some of you can relate on some level, not necessarily in the theatre. Some of us find ourselves swimming lanes in a pool, sketching on the pages of a sketchbook, or playing an instrument in the band hall. When we find something we’re passionate about, it’s like everything that just clicks.

“I got into theatre when I attended Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School in Hot Springs,” she said. “I was in my first musical there (“Annie”) and took acting, music, and dance classes. After I attended school there I knew I wanted to continue my education in theatre.”

In the last edition of the Oracle, I mentioned how our passions can come to be when we’re young, and it certainly seems to be the case with Savannah. When we start young, we’re able to grow and become more skilled with time, which is why I think it’s great when someone is able to find their passion at a young age and gather support from their friends and family.

“I have many people who support my passion for theatre. My friends, family, and my boyfriend all support what I do 100%,” said Savannah.

When asked how she would recommend someone to get into theatre and acting, Savannah offered this. “If someone wants to do theatre, just go for it. The theatre community is very warm and welcoming to any new faces that want to try it out.”

For those who are interested, the theatre department on campus has open auditions for the plays they put on throughout the semester, as well as auditions for the directing class’ one-acts they put on as a final grade.

To drive her point home and really sell it, Savannah said, “I would encourage everyone to do something with Theatre at least once in their life. It teaches you homework and cooperation, to work with all different types of people. It also teaches you to discover yourself.”

While some people manage to discover themselves between pages in a book, or scenes from a movie, Savannah Reynolds managed to find herself on the stage. If you’re interested in what the theatre department on campus has in store for us next, make sure you get seats for “Peter and the Starcatcher” opening on April 12.