Not quite Miley

Musician Cyrus visited campus last week

Story by Walker Walthall, Student Reporter

Usually a bustling hive of social interaction and gorging on Chick-fil-a, the Reddie Cafe was transformed into something entirely different on March 13: a venue for a musical artist.

Cyrus is a musician and singer based out of Florida that tours around the United States, performing in a variety of different areas all year round. His act was a bit of a variety show, showing both his musical prowess by leaving his imprint of classics such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, but also performing a slew of originals for the captivated audience that showed up for the gig.

However, the most unique thing Cyrus did was not musical at all. Between each song, the artist would take the time to reveal the reasoning he chose certain songs, almost always relating them back to incidents within his own life.

That night, we learned about his love South Korea, which had bloomed when his father relocated their family after accepting a job there. We learned about oath of voluntary celibacy that he undertook in order to focus more on his art.

We learned about his soaring successes and crippling defeats at the hands of various relationships. Then, he turned the spotlight onto the audience; “Is it fair to tell someone not to fall in love with you?” he asked.

A cacophony of answers arose, each member of the audience asserting what they believed to be the correct response to the question posed.

Overall, Cyrus’ performance was both entertaining and thought-provoking. At the end, he received waves of well-deserved applause and finished up by taking a picture with the crowd and staying behind to talk to each and every student that wished to speak to him.

Photo by Larry Massey, Photo Chief
Cyrus began his concert with a rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Yesterday.”