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6 Most idyllic small towns in Arkansas for your next peaceful getaway

Arkansas remains a gem often overlooked by travelers, but those who seek respite in small, picturesque communities will find much to love. Boasting the highest inbound migration percentage in 2021, many have discovered its pastoral charm. The state, steeped in over 120 years of viticulture, offers more than just wine; lakes, rivers, and state parks abound. Here, we explore six idyllic small towns in Arkansas perfect for a peaceful getaway.

Heber springs : a sanctuary by sugarloaf mountain

Founded as Sugar Loaf, Heber Springs is historically known for its underground mineral springs. These springs have long been a draw for those seeking wellness or a relaxing soak. The town’s historic district, featuring Springs Park, showcases these famous mineral springs and provides a charming locale for exploration.

Heber Springs is also a gateway to Greers Ferry Lake, a 31,500-acre artificial lake dedicated by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The lake, coupled with the Little Red River, offers numerous recreational activities. Anglers can revel in fishing for record-breaking brown trout, and visitors can enjoy paddleboarding, sailing, and boating. The crystal-clear waters and well-maintained lakeside facilities make this town ideal for summer escapes.

Nature lovers will appreciate the hiking trails on Sugarloaf Mountain, while the downtown area features numerous antique shops and a museum. The stately county courthouse square and a restored theatre provide cultural and historical insights, making Heber Springs a well-rounded destination for peaceful retreats.

Altus : heart of arkansas wine country

Situated in the Arkansas River Valley, Altus is renowned for its historical vineyards and award-winning wines. This small town serves as a gateway to Mount Magazine State Park and Fort Smith State Park, offering breathtaking sceneries and a rich agricultural heritage. Visitors can relish farm-to-table dining experiences and immerse themselves in the town’s German-Swiss roots during the annual Grape Festival.

Altus’ viticulture thrives in a microclimate akin to Europe’s renowned wine regions, producing a variety of wines. The town’s historical downtown, featuring a city park and antique shops, adds to its charm. Wineries like Post Winery, Wiederkehr Wine Cellars, and Chateau Aux Arc provide tasting rooms, free tours, gift shops, and more. Visitors shouldn’t miss landmarks like the Heritage House Museum and the 1902 Roman basilica-style church adorned with ornate gold leaf work.

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Altus offers an enriching experience, seamlessly blending nature, history, and viticulture, making it an idyllic destination in Arkansas.

Bella vista : a haven for outdoor enthusiasts

Bella Vista, meaning “Nice View,” lives up to its name with picturesque surroundings. While known as a retirement haven, Bella Vista’s amenities cater to all age groups. The town features an extensive network of trails, including the “Back 40 Trails” and Blowing Springs trails, attracting mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners.

The town boasts seven lakes and numerous golf courses, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy tennis courts, an RV park, and a campground, all easily accessible from downtown. Notable establishments include the Lakepointe Restaurant and the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel. The Bella Vista Historical Museum offers insights into the town’s history as a summer resort established in 1917.

Nearby attractions, such as the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, add cultural richness to Bella Vista’s natural beauty. The combination of recreational facilities and serene landscapes makes Bella Vista a perfect spot for tranquil getaways.

Jasper : gateway to outdoor adventure

Jasper, nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, offers an idyllic setting for outdoor adventures. The town is where the Buffalo River, the first national river in the United States, begins its journey. This pristine river, coupled with the surrounding parks and forestlands, provides ample opportunities for canoeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and even horseback riding.

Jasper is also known for its scenic trails, such as the Round Top Mountain Trail, and rock climbing opportunities at the Arkansas Grand Canyon. The town’s picturesque riverfront downtown area hosts the annual Buffalo River Elk Festival, celebrating the local elk population. Historic landmarks like the Dr. Hudson Sanitarium Agricultural Building and the Bradley House Museum add a touch of history to this nature-centric destination.

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With its fresh mountain air and abundance of outdoor activities, Jasper offers a perfect retreat for those seeking adventure and tranquility.

Van buren : a journey through history

Van Buren, though a larger small town, offers a remarkable escape from city life. Its rich history is evident through landmarks and museums scattered throughout the Van Buren Historic District. The 1836 Drennen Scott House and local art galleries provide cultural and historical insights.

Visitors can enjoy dining at establishments like Colton’s Steak House & Grill, and entertainment at venues such as the King Opera House and Malco Van Buren Cinema. The town, located on the Arkansas River, serves as a trading post and provisions center, and is a part of the Arkansas Heritage Trail systems.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore nearby locations like Fort Smith Park, Lee Creek Reservoir Recreation Area, and Louemma Lake. On hot summer days, a visit to Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store provides a pleasant respite. Van Buren’s blend of history and natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for a peaceful excursion.

Town Known For Key Attractions
Heber Springs Mineral Springs Greers Ferry Lake, Sugarloaf Mountain
Altus Viticulture Mount Magazine State Park, Heritage House Museum
Bella Vista Outdoor Activities Back 40 Trails, Blowing Springs Trails
Jasper Outdoor Adventure Buffalo River, Arkansas Grand Canyon
Van Buren Historical Sites Van Buren Historic District, Fort Smith Park

These six small towns in Arkansas offer a blend of natural beauty, history, and outdoor activities. Each town provides a unique charm, making them perfect destinations for peaceful getaways. Whether you’re drawn to the historical vineyards of Altus, the scenic trails of Bella Vista, or the historical richness of Van Buren, you will find an idyllic setting to relax and rejuvenate.