“A fourth dimension beyond jeans”: Bunky on male objectification

Opinion by Bunky Raines, Student Reporter

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I’m in a Spanish class with only three other students and a professor, all female.

We were discussing a book by Junot Díaz, a Dominican author with an unapologetically male voice. Dude gets straight nasty sometimes. I’m a fan.

In the course of the discussion, one of the students read a passage from the book about a girl who Díaz described as having “a big Dominican ass that seems to exist in a fourth dimension beyond jeans. An ass that could drag the moon out of orbit.”

The student then asked the group where we thought he learned to objectify women in such a terrible way. My response was, that’s just the way dudes talk to each other when women aren’t around. “I do it,” I said.

The professor surprised us all by saying that she talks about men that way with other women. “Men aren’t the only ones that do it,” she said. I was glad this teacher was there to give these young women a different perspective.

I think modern feminism crosses the line into man-hating sometimes. By the look on their faces, I’d say the feminist perspective is the only one these students have ever heard. They looked as if they were flabbergasted by such a foreign idea. Their foreheads wrinkled with displeasure. They didn’t know what to say. That part of the conversation didn’t go any further.

Here, I can finish my thoughts on the matter.

I wonder if these students have had boyfriends (or girlfriends, whatevs). Surely they have. If these girls’ significant others don’t look at them and think, I want to have sex with her so bad, why would they even want to be with them?

Have we devolved to the point that we think talking about being sexually attracted to someone is evil?

Only when men do it, I suppose. Is anyone offended by this picture?

Does Ellen get a pass but not Junot Díaz? We have a word for this. It’s hypocrisy.

The fact that men look at women (and vice-versa) and are filled with sexual desires is what keeps the human species going. If that ends, so do we.

I wonder what those students’ idea of a perfect man is. Do they want a guy who says, all I want to do with women is respect them and tell them how brave and strong they are? Let me tell you a secret about those guys.

They’re f***ing liars.

They want sex just as badly as an honest man, only in a sad and pathetic way. They think, if they kiss enough woman ass, one of their dominant female overlords will finally feel sorry for them and give them some p***y.

Do we really want to raise a generation of beta males who’ve been taught to suppress their sexual nature? Psychology has shown that suppression of sexual thoughts doesn’t end well. Need proof?

Look no further than the pedophile priests of the Catholic Church. Why TF don’t they just let the priests have sex with women? What kind of weirdo would take a vow of chastity, anyway? I wouldn’t trust those guys with my dog.

My suggestion is this: stop telling boys there’s something wrong with the fact that they want to have sex with women. #stopbroshaming

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“A fourth dimension beyond jeans”: Bunky on male objectification