Sometimes it rains: Floods plagued Arkadelphia last week

Story by Jade Wolfe, Student Reporter

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Some of the flooding was quite extensive, as seen here. Photo by Cassidy Witherspoon, Student Reporter.

Everyone knows how hard it is to wake up and go to classes, especially the students that have to commute to Henderson. Well, imagine doing that in a flood.

Students that live on small county roads, in towns down river and even students that live near Lake Hamilton and Lake Greeson found it more difficult if not impossible to get to classes this past week.

All the rain Southwest Arkansas received in such a short amount of time left dirt roads wash out, caused rivers to rise out of their banks and forced dams to open their flood gates.

Tatiana Drewery, a senior political science major, was one of the students that had to wait out the rain. “I live on a dirt road right by Lake Hamilton and it was one

of the first roads to be shut down. I had to email my professors two days in a row to let them know I wouldn’t be in class.”

The bridge over the Ouachita river on Highway 7 was temporarily shut down causing other students from places such as Sparkman and Donaldson to take detours up Highway 67 to Malvern to get to classes.

Even if flooding wasn’t an issue the rain still made it hard for students and even teachers to get to school. Standing water on roads and low visibility in the down pours left no choice but to drive slowly.