Dear Editors:

I first encountered Dr. Jacobs during my first semester at Henderson (Fall 2008).  He was being honored at the Founder’s Day ceremony by being inducted into the Henderson Academy of Scholars. 

He was giving a talk to the biology department, and a couple of friends and I decided to go. 

I can’t remember exactly everything that was said, but I remember being amazed at all the things he had accomplished. I remember thinking, “He’s a Reddie. If he can do all these awesome things – surely, I can too.” 

His talk always stuck in the back of my mind as an inspiration for a Reddie who wanted to accomplish things in the medical field. Last spring, I was accepted to the Summer Science Program at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

In addition to conducting research, I signed up to shadow pediatric infectious disease. 

Little did I know that meant I would get to shadow Dr. Jacobs! I spent two days shadowing him and two pediatric residents. 

Dr. Jacobs holds several positions at UAMS/ACH, and I was so incredibly impressed by the time he took out with the residents. 

I remember one afternoon before making more rounds, we all gathered around his desk and reviewed a Power Point about tick-borne diseases – and he even tried his best to make sure I understood everything that they understood. 

Since this summer, I have kept in touch with Dr. Jacobs, especially with regards to my applications to graduate school. He always emails me back within an hour. 

I don’t think you can say that of very many people who have his level of responsibilities. I say all of this to say: Dr. Jacobs cares about students. 

Sure, I think he has the capacity to work with many faculty and large budgets, and all those sorts of things the Board of Trustees is going to look at – if you look at his resume, that’s blatantly obvious. 

He has something more than that, though – his sincere care for students and love for his alma mater – and I think that makes him head and shoulders above the rest.

-Submitted by Ashleah Courtney. Courtney is a senior biology major and has been accepted into a biology graduate program.