Dear Editor: ‘I am a Reddie’

What is a Reddie?

Why are we Reddies? For as long as I have been a student here at HSU — and I started as an undergraduate in 2007 — these questions have been asked. The questions may stem from a snotty taunt of “What’s a Reddie? Clap, clap, clapclap clap” from across the street, or they may originate from the genuinely starry-eyed curiousity of a freshman, but the answer here has always been a source of pride.

What is a Reddie? The Reddie is a spirit. It is a spirit that lives inside me.

I am a Reddie!

What is a RedHawk, though? A bird. A bird that only recently took up residence on campus.

Calling ourselves RedHawks would be just as rash and would fly in the face of tradition just as much as calling ourselves the Grapevines when Chuck Welch took the presidency.

A red-tailed hawk is a predator with a lifespan too soon spent.

The Reddie Spirit, on the other hand, is an eternal spirit born of tragedy and destined for triumph. I say, in words taught to me by Henderson, “Give me that old Reddie Spirit; it’s good enough for me!”

Submitted by Jesse Harness, MLA graduate student.