Letter to the editor: Syria column response

Joshua McIntyre

Dear editor,

This is a response to your article last month titled “Why so Syria,” in which you advocated Obama’s plan to go to war with Syria.

It doesn’t seem like you’re seeing this with the same historical or moral context that many such as myself do, so I wanted to bring up a few points that you may not have considered.

I think it would be unwise for us to take Obama’s word for it when he claims that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks. The U.S. government has a long history of creating lies to go to war, the fictional WMDs in Iraq being the most recent example. They haven’t given us any proof. Why should we believe them this time?

What’s even more hypocritical is how Obama’s been attempting to drum up support for the war by telling stories of the dying children, when it is estimated that 98% of people killed by his drone strike have been civilians, hundreds of which were children, according to David Kilcullen and Andrew McDonald Exum in a 2009 article from the New York Times.

Now, let’s suppose that Obama is actually telling the truth about the chemical attack.

He still appears disingenuous with his motives. If Obama is a sincere humanitarian, then why hasn’t the president lifted a finger to address any of the other horrific and ongoing atrocities like those in the Congo or Darfur?

This isn’t about saving lives. It’s about destroying enemies.

Joshua McIntyre

junior dietetics major