Response to “Code of Conduct”

Submitted By Erin Mitchell, physical education sophomore

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to the article, “On Your Best Behavior” by Carmin Wills. This article is discussing the changes in the Code of Conduct that apply to using or in possession of marijuana. I completely agree with the change because it will make our university more of a professional atmosphere and hopefully cut down on recreational drug use.  

Our university is a place where people can feel safe and clean. As students, we should not have to worry about drugs being used around the place we live. Hopefully this change will make students think about the consequences before bringing marijuana on campus. If the faculty enforces this rule, we should cut down on illegal drug use to make our campus friendlier. Suspending students after the first time being caught is a big step to making our campus better to live on. College experiences shape our lives, and what we are exposed to will follow us. Drugs are not a positive experience to have. Henderson State University is a great school, and adding this to the Code of Conduct is setting our standards higher than other colleges.

Along with making our school safer to attend, we will be also be raising our professional standards. Our university is expecting great things from the students. Being associated with marijuana is not an act to be proud of. As we get older and obtain careers, the people higher than us will not tolerate using drugs on a regular basis. Our bosses will not usually give us a warning if we do something wrong, so why should our university. By law, marijuana is illegal and a stricter policy should be enforced in colleges. These students are young adults and need to be making adult decisions that will keep them out of trouble. This university is trying to teach us responsibility and good decision making.

There will be a lot of controversy about this change in the Code of Conduct. Students will argue that no warning is not fair, but marijuana is illegal. Those students should not have that to begin with. I think it is a good idea to enforce these rules because it is going to help our campus be a better place. Henderson helps its students succeed in many ways. It will also help us to make the right decisions that will affect our lives.